New York Times Crossword September 10 2017 Answers

By | September 10, 2017

New York Times Crossword September 10 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, september 10, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday september 10 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 9/10/17 answers :
‘Down goes Frazier!’ sportscaster : COSELL
‘Haha’ : LOL
‘Heavens!’ : EGAD
‘Oh, fudge’ : CRUD
‘So vast is ___, so narrow human wit’: Alexander Pope : ART
‘Watch yourself out there’ : BESAFE
‘___ & Stitch’ : LILO
‘___ little confused’ : IMA
‘___-hoo!’ : YOO
2016 Disney hit : MOANA
Action at a bris : SNIP
Actress Christina : RICCI
Alicia of ‘Urban Legend,’ 1998 : WITT
All systems go : READY
Appropriate rhyme for ‘cache’ : STASH
Argument : QUARREL
Attacks : GOESAT
Au courant, once : HEP
Belief : TENET
Big party : BASH
Black church inits : AME
Blinking light : STROBE
Brand with a rabbit symbol : TRIX
Business with a guestbook : INN
Cast about : STREW
Chemistry Nobelist Joliot-Curie : IRENE
Citroën competitor : RENAULT
City with one of the SUNY schools : ONEONTA
Comic Sweeney : JULIA
Common female middle name : ANN
Common opening bid in bridge : ONENO
Cry to kick off the weekend : TGIF
Denies : NAYSAYS
Do not : FAILTO
Do something : ACT
Drink holders : COASTERS
Drowse : NODOFF
Due east on an old clock dial : III
Europe’s largest lake : LADOGA
Ex-isle of exile : ELBA
Felon, to a cop : PERP
French 101 verb : AVOIR
French month : MAI
Fruit dessert : COMPOTE
Fruit with greenish-yellow rinds : UGLIS
George who founded Industrial Light & Magic : LUCAS
German lament : ACH
Getaway for meditation : ASHRAM
God, in Judaism : YAHWEH
Government group on offspring? : SCIONCOMMISSION
Green : NAIVE
Green-lit : OKD
Greyhound stop: Abbr : STA
H.R. offering for employees : HMO
Heat : IRE
Heater : GUN
High as a kite : STONED
Ignorance, so they say : BLISS
Indian appetizer : SAMOSA
Ingredient in an Aunt Agatha : RUM
It has a lock, stock and barrel : RIFLE
It may be pulled after a wrong turn : UIE
Jai ___ : ALAI
Jerry Lewis, notably : HAM
Laissez-faire : LAX
Left college athletics, maybe : WENTPRO
Lesley of CBS News : STAHL
Like long chances : SLIM
Lille women: Abbr : MMES
Loads : ALOT
Lush’s favorite radio station? : WINO
Makes a quick map of an Egyptian peninsula? : DRAWSSINAI
Mammals with webbed feet : OTTERS
Nerve-racking : TENSE
Nonsense : BLARNEY
Nonstandard verb from Popeye : YAM
North and South Korea, e.g : ENEMIES
Not debut : REAIR
Number of appearances in a grain holder? : SILOFREQUENCY
Nurse’s outfit : SCRUBS
Old law : LEX
Opening performers that are all mimes? : SILENTSUPPORT
Orchestra tuner : OBOIST
Order to a pool hustler to suck up some broth? : SHARKSIPHONSOUP
Pastoral poet : IDYLIST
Photorealist painter Richard : ESTES
Play alone : SOLO
Plotting (with) : INLEAGUE
Pollen source : SPORESAC
Popular website that explains the news : VOX
Position on a steamship : STOKER
Pre-practice tests? : BAREXAMS
Primordial universe matter : YLEM
Prince Edward’s earldom : WESSEX
Raised, as a flag : RANUP
Rapper with the music streaming service Tidal : JAYZ
RC, for one : COLA
Rebel in ‘Henry IV, Part 1’ : HOTSPUR
Region of ancient Egypt : NUBIA
Relating to the abdominal cavity : CELIAC
River near the start of an alphabetical list : AAR
Robust : HALE
Rod-and-reel event in old Vietnam? : SAIGONFISHING
Room with a slanted roof : ATTIC
Rub oil on : ANOINT
Run the show : EMCEE
Santa makes millions of them every Christmas : VISITS
SC Johnson product with a lightning bolt in its logo : RAID
Schedule inits : TBA
Second hand: Abbr : ASST
Sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel : PARTV
Smoking or ___ : NON
Snare drum sound : RATATAT
Spin class activity? : STATICCYCLING
Staple of Hawaiian cuisine : POI
Storms that don’t offend? : PCCYCLONES
Strands, as a base runner : LEAVESON
Stuck at a ski lodge, say : ICEDIN
Suddenly start, as in fright : SHYAWAY
Surg. locales : ORS
Take in : SEE
Take out, as wine bottles : UNCASE
TBS late-night show : CONAN
That craft : HER
Think tank, e.g.: Abbr : INST
Ticket : PASS
Tornado warning : SIREN
TV host Gibbons : LEEZA
TV’s ‘Tales From the ___’ : CRYPT
Understudy’s study : LINES
Very, in Veracruz : MUY
Wallops : SLUGS
War su ___ (boneless chicken dish) : GAI
What people sing when they don’t know the words : LALAS
What Siri runs on : IOS
Wireless data and messaging company : SKYTEL
Workplaces with a need for speed : METHLABS
___ All-Star Race (annual event since 1985) : NASCAR
___ Tomé (African capital) : SAO