New York Times Crossword October 23 2017 Answers

By | October 23, 2017

New York Times Crossword October 23 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on monday, october 23, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword monday october 23 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 10/23/17 answers :
‘And there it is!’ : VOILA
‘I was with my mistress at the time,’ maybe : ALIBI
‘Right away!’ : ASAP
‘Yeah, right!’ : ASIF
‘___ Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ : ITS
‘___ Lisa’ : MONA
A lot : SCADS
A, as in Aristotle : ALPHA
Anthracite, e.g : COAL
Apple introduction of 1998 : IMAC
Backs of necks : NAPES
Blacken, as by fire : CHAR
Boise’s state: Abbr : IDA
Campus sanctuary, in modern parlance : SAFESPACE
Causes of bigheadedness : EGOS
Chimney buildup : SOOT
Chooses : OPTS
Classic clown with a repetitive name : BOBO
Classic Diana Ross hairdo : AFRO
Climax of ‘Hamilton’ : DUEL
Cool, in ’90s slang : PHAT
Cross-dressing Disney heroine of 1998 : MULAN
Dawn goddess : EOS
Droop : SAG
Elvis in the 1950s or Justin Bieber in the 2010s : TEENIDOL
English-speaking neighbor of Venezuela : GUYANA
Fire starter : SPARK
Flees : LAMS
Food-thickening agent : AGAR
Gait between a walk and a canter : TROT
Give permission : ALLOW
Go wild in the streets : RIOT
Gradually remove, as from a mother’s milk : WEAN
Guillotined : BEHEADED
Hairless : BALD
Home mixology station : WETBAR
Hunter’s hiding spot in a marsh : DUCKBLIND
Joan who sang at Woodstock : BAEZ
Keats poem : ODE
Kerchief worn as headgear : DORAG
Lead-in to bad news : IFEAR
Legislator : LAWMAKER
Like dry, clumpy mud : CAKED
Lowly worker : PEON
Mailed : SENT
Maple syrup source : SAP
Mimicked : APED
Missing, as a G.I : AWOL
Online source of film trivia : IMDB
Painful boo-boo : OWIE
Painting surface : GESSO
Period dominated by the likes of Dan Rather and Peter Jennings? : ANCHORAGE
Period known for its 007 movies? : BONDAGE
Period of fuzzy sweaters? : PILLAGE
Period when every car was a junker? : WRECKAGE
Period when psychiatrists ruled? : SHRINKAGE
Period when tribute bands thrived? : COVERAGE
Prepare for a bodybuilding contest : OILUP
Pulls an all-nighter, say : CRAMS
Reason to pull an all-nighter : TEST
So last year : OLD
Sour expression : MOUE
Specialty bakery : PIESHOP
Stepped tower of ancient Sumer : ZIGGURAT
Stop competing as an amateur : GOPRO
Strategy-free card game : WAR
Supply-and-demand subj : ECON
Swallowed quickly : GULPED
Taj Mahal locale : AGRA
Tarnish or deface : MAR
The first ‘R’ of R&R : REST
Things seen in most public buildings, but almost never in casinos : CLOCKS
Turnpike, e.g : HIGHWAY
Used foul language : SWORE
Wedding vow : IDO
What quills are dipped in : INK
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish : MAHI
___ Arbor, Mich : ANN