New York Times Crossword May 10 2017 Answers

By | May 10, 2017

New York Times Crossword May 10 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on wednesday, may 10, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword wednesday 10 may 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 5/10/17 answers :
1940s spy org. : OSS
1960s underwater habitat : SEALAB
Ankle wrap for an athlete : TAPE
Antenna, e.g. : SENSEORGAN
Ate in high style : DINED
Avian source of red meat : EMU
Avoid a beanball, maybe : DUCK
Be under the weather : AIL
Beltway insider : POLITICO
Boast : CROW
Call after the 72-Across crosses the 16-Down seven times and lands here : ITSOUT
Certain Wall St. takeover : LBO
Cover letter abbr. : ENC
Defunct U.K. label : EMI
Dishwasher need : SOAP
Divider in this puzzle’s game : BADMINTONNET
Eastern “way” : TAO
Ed with seven Emmys : ASNER
Even odds : TOSSUP
Facetious subject of many articles in The Onion : AREAMAN
Foot, in anatomy : PES
Footloose hero ___ McCormack : REN
For all to see : OVERT
Free speech defender, for short : ACLU
Gaelic tongue : ERSE
Gerontology subject : AGING
Get chummy (with) : PALUP
Grokked : GOT
Hagar the Horrible’s dog : SNERT
Home of the Burj Khalifa : DUBAI
I came: Lat. : VENI
Ice cream bar brand : DOVE
In vogue : CHIC
Joule fraction : ERG
Kim of “L.A. Confidential” : BASINGER
‘L’ train overseer : CTA
Lead-in to lark or dare : ONA
Legendary firefighter Red : ADAIR
Lola band, with “the” : KINKS
Low-budget: Prefix : ECONO
Maritime hazard : SHOAL
Meat in a classic Monty Python skit : SPAM
More skilled in : BETTERAT
Not stressed : UNACCENTED
One atop the standings : LEADER
One violating omertà : RAT
Output from futuristic weaponry : IONBEAMS
Partner of vim : VIGOR
Post-triathlon woes : ACHES
President who was imprisoned for 27 years : MANDELA
Prison guard, slangily : SCREW
Providence art inst. : RISD
Publisher of People : TIMEINC
Rapper with a line of Fila sneakers : NAS
Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas or Sonia Sotomayor, schoolwise : ELI
San ___ (Bay Area city) : MATEO
San Fernando Valley community : ENCINO
Sch. founded by Thomas Jefferson : UVA
Sees regularly : DATES
Shepard in space : ALAN
Sibling nickname : SIS
Slow-witted sort : DODO
Something needed to play the game depicted in this puzzle : RACKET
Something needed to play the game depicted in this puzzle … or a hint to the six shaded answers : BIRDIE
Star Wars princess : LEIA
Start of el ano : ENERO
Starts the game depicted in this puzzle : SERVES
Suffix for sugars : OSE
Supporters of broken arms : SLINGS
Suzuki with his first name on his jersey : ICHIRO
Took too much, briefly : ODED
Toy on a string : KITE
Tram load : ORE
Tsunami cause : SEISM
Uganda’s Amin : IDI
Under the weather : ILL
Unless, in law : NISI
upreme Court aides : CLERKS
Wacko : LOON
Went off, as an alarm : SOUNDED
Xenophobes’ fear : ALIENS

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