New York Times Crossword March 7 2018 Answers

By | March 7, 2018

New York Times Crossword March 7 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on wednesday, March 7, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword wednesday 7 March 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 3/7/18 answers :
“Doggone it!” : AWRATS
“Heavens!” : OHMYLORD
“I give up” : ITSHOPELESS
‘You’re really testing my patience right now …’ : DONTEVEN
Attack : ASSAIL
Beach makeup : SAND
Blurred : HAZY
Branch : ARM
Business letters? : LLC
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid : ALIASES
Carolina ___ (state bird) : WREN
Chin stroker’s comment : LETMESEE
Chinese secret society : TONG
Congressional staffer : AIDE
Controversial food preservative, for short : BHT
Couple : DUO
Couples : DYADS
Cozy places? : TEAROOMS
D as in dates? : DOMINI
Denoting a 3′ nail, so-called from its original cost : TENPENNY
Driving test challenge … or a hint to this puzzle’s circled letters : PARALLELPARKING
Dutch export : TULIP
Early tribe met by Lewis and Clark : OTOE
Eazy-E collaborator, informally : DRE
Emmy- and Oscar-winning Melissa : LEO
First in line : NEXT
Gangsters’ gals : MOLLS
Gershwin’s ‘Summertime,’ e.g : ARIA
Gibbon, e.g : APE
Grub : EATS
He’s a doll : KEN
Head of a classroom, in slang : TEACH
Heads of families : CAPOS
Hit 100, say : SPED
Impersonal ‘you’ : ONE
It starts when an overture’s over : ACTI
Item under a fairy tale princess’ mattress : PEA
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___ : ABE
Kind of gear for a diver : SCUBA
Lead singer of Coldplay, once married to Gwyneth Paltrow : CHRISMARTIN
Like family-friendly films : RATEDG
Like the baseball of the New Orleans Baby Cakes : AAA
Mocker of Hamlet’s ‘unmanly grief’ : CLAUDIUS
Mother of Perseus : DANAE
Music purchases of the 1990s and early 2000s : CDS
Nail : NAB, ACE
Not yet used : UNTAPPED
Pact inveighed against by Trump : NAFTA
Paintball gear, familiarly : CAMOS
Plenty angry : IRED
Power (up) : REV
Put in : ENTER
Refrain syllables : SHALALA
Rhimes who created ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’ : SHONDA
Secant’s reciprocal : COSINE
Send : ELATE
Singapore, e.g : ISLAND
Sire : BEGET
Slugger Sammy : SOSA
Some heirs : SONS
Sources of oil : SHALES
Start of something? : ESS
Statistical distractions : NOISE
Take effect : SETIN
Take without asking : ANNEX
That’s a moray! : EEL
Throw in the direction of : TOSSTO
Top dog : ALPHA
Trident-shaped letters : PSIS
Uses as a foundation : BUILDSON
Web issues : EZINES
Women’s rights activist Mott : LUCRETIA
___ II (Gillette razor) : TRAC