New York Times Crossword March 11 2018 Answers

By | March 11, 2018

New York Times Crossword March 11 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, March 11, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday 11 March 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 3/11/18 answers :
‘1984’ superstate : EASTASIA
’60s Pontiac : GTO
‘Darn it all!’ : RATS
‘Get ’em!’ : SIC
‘Here’s an idea …’ : SAY
2000s corporate scandal subject : ENRON
43 : DUBYA
A bit cracked : AJAR
A bit stiff : TIPSY
Actress Faye : DUNAWAY
Adele’s ‘Someone Like You,’ e.g : BALLAD
Algebraic variables : XSANDYS
Alphabetically first ‘American Idol’ judge across all 16 seasons : ABDUL
Alternative to boeuf or jambon : PORC
Anti-mob tool : TEARGAS
Any of the Baltic states, once: Abbr : SSR
Big battery : DCELL
Bleat : BAA
Boxing champ Roberto : DURAN
Bump, as from a schedule : PREEMPT
Charlottetown’s prov : PEI
Checkpoint org : TSA
Chests’ places : TORSOS
Chicago terminal code : ORD
Clicking sounds? : AHAS
Coddles : BABIES
Confrere : PEER
Cultural values : ETHOS
Cyclotron bits : IONS
Declared : UTTERED
Discharges : EGESTS
Doesn’t just assume : ASKS
Double-back move : UEY
Dressy accessory : SILKTIE
Drone, for one : BEE
Dryer buildup : LINT
Ecosystem endangered by global warming : BAYOU
Etta of old comics : KETT
Fall off : EBB
Food cart offerings : GYROS
Former part of the U.S.S.R.: Abbr : UKR
Forms, forms and more forms : REDTAPE
Gambling mecca : MACAO
Go from bud to blossom, to a poet : OPE
Gold medal, to an Olympian : AIM
Golden Globe-winning actor for ‘Chicago’ : GERE
Graduation attire : REGALIA
Hallux, more familiarly : BIGTOE
Heading on a neighborhood poster : LOSTDOG
Heavenly sound? : HARP
Hebrew for ‘My God! My God!’ : ELIELI
Herb resembling spinach : ORACH
High land : NEPAL
Hit straight to the shortstop, perhaps : LINEOUT
Increase : MOUNT
Inn stock : ALES
Iron Range product : ORE
It goes around the neck : BIB
It goes around the neck : YOKE
It may hold the line : ROD
Kind of dip : ONION
Last seen being mocked by a cat. If found, call ___ [see 46-Across] : JONARBUCKLE
Last seen chasing down clues. If found, call ___ [see 24-Across] : NICKANDNORA
Last seen in the nursery. If found, call ___ [see 84-Across] : THEDARLINGS
Last seen riding in a basket. If found, call ___ [see 106-Across] : DOROTHYGALE
Last seen with a red-haired girl. If found, call ___ [see 119-Across] : LITTLEORPHANANNIE
Like a certain Freudian complex : OEDIPAL
Like most holidays : ANNUAL
Lilt : AIR
List-reducing abbr : ETAL
Love all around? : NOSCORE
Lures : BAITS
Marriage announcement : BANNS
Mix with : ADDIN
Modest two-piece swimsuit : TANKINI
More hoarse : RASPIER
Moviedom : SCREEN
My word, maybe : BOND
Navel type : OUTIE
One of the Marcoses of the Philippines : IMELDA
One who can’t keep weight off for long : YOYODIETER
One-named Swedish singer with the Grammy-nominated song ‘Dancing on My Own’ : ROBYN
Parcel (out) : METE
Pizzeria chain, casually : UNOS
Poet who wrote of Daedalus : OVID
Poison ivy soother : ALOE
Post : SEND
Postal abbr. for a rural address : RTE
Power up? : ELECT
Prefix with play and place : MIS
Proceed enthusiastically : GOTOTOWN
Puts the kibosh on : ENDS
QB’s tally : TDS
Radio personality Glenn : BECK
Repurpose : ADAPT
Reverses, as a deletion : STETS
Rowing muscle, for short : LAT
Ruffles : ANNOYS
Sash supporter : SILL
Saw the sights : TOURED
Scotland’s longest river : TAY
Scream or bawl, e.g : EMOTE
Sharply sour fruit : SLOE
Sister of Ariadne : PHAEDRA
Some bygone theaters : RKOS
Some centerfolds : PLAYMATES
Some greenery that’s not grass : MOSS
Some kitchen appliances, for short : GES
Standing closet : ARMOIRE
Start of Yale’s motto : LUX
Stationed (at) : BASED
Stop for now : ADJOURN
Storied journey : ODYSSEY
Subtitle of Hawthorne’s ‘Fanshawe’ : ATALE
Sudoku entry : DIGIT
Symbol gotten by typing Option+Shift+2 : EURO
Tempe sch : ASU
The U.S., to Mexicans : ELNORTE
Theme song of Milton Berle : NEARYOU
Tijuana setting, informally : BAJA
Toll rds : TPKS
Utah’s ___ Mountains : UINTA
Vagabond : NOMAD
Vision-correcting procedure : LASIK
Visit during a trip : STOPAT
War loser, usually : TREY
Webster’s Third competitor, for short : OED
Wee, to a Scot : SMA
What’s left on TV? : MSNBC
Where the engine is in a Porsche 911 : REAR
Yokohama ‘yes’ : HAI
[continued] : OVER
___-green : SEA