New York Times Crossword July 31 2017 Answers

By | July 31, 2017

New York Times Crossword July 31 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on monday, july 31, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword monday 31 july 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 7/31/17 answers :
Spell-checker target : TYPO
Common 68-Across forecast : RAIN
Antlered animals : ELKS
Liberal’s favorite road sign? : KEEPLEFT
Radioer’s word after “Roger” : WILCO
Santa ___ winds : ANA
“The Voice” airer : NBC
Hillary Clinton ___ Rodham : NEE
Some slogan writers : ADMEN
Chivalrous offer : PERMITME
Sommer of 1960s-’70s films : ELKE
Waterfront 68-Across location : PIER
Dips below the horizon : SETS
Small, spherical vegetables : PEAS
“Woe is me!” : ALAS
It goes from one story to another : STAIR
Obama’s veep : BIDEN
Mr. ___ (nearsighted toon) : MAGOO
From east of the Urals : ASIAN
Business on every block in 68-Across, so it’s said : COFFEESHOP
Opposed to : ANTI
Body of water that 68-Across is on : PUGETSOUND
Fish tank buildup : ALGAE
Exams : TESTS
Vehicle with wings and a nose : PLANE
Gladiator fight site : ARENA
Pesters repeatedly : MOLESTS
Hurry of modern life : RATRACE
King who died in his late teens : TUT
“The Matrix” hero : NEO
Cowboy’s rope : RIATA
Fire-eating, for one : STUNT
Expert, informally : WHIZ
Automaker with a four-ring logo : AUDI
On-base percentage, e.g. : STAT
Half of a sextet : TRIO
Stocking problem : SNAG
Dessert divided into slices : PIE
___ Wayne, rapper with the #1 hit “Lollipop” : LIL
“Star ___ Beyond” (2016 film) : TREK
“Are you interested in doin’ this?” : WANNA
Livens (up) : PEPS
Harvard’s archrival : YALE
Taking a nap, say : INBED
“Night” author Wiesel : ELIE
Downtown 68-Across attraction : PIKEPLACEMARKET
Without guaranteed payment : ONSPEC
Big brand of glue : ELMERS
Vientiane’s country : LAOS
___ B’rith : BNAI
Spiked medieval clubs : MACES
Mai ___ (cocktail) : TAI
March 17 honoree, for short : STPAT
Starting from : ASOF
Bamboo-eating bear : PANDA
Stubborn animal : MULE
Gold, frankincense or myrrh, for baby Jesus : GIFT
Soda bottle measure : LITER
Grade A items in the dairy aisle : EGGS
Clumsy person : OAF
68-Across baseball player : MARINER
Devour : EAT
2,000 pounds : ONETON
French edict city : NANTES
Mathematician whose name sounds like a fuel ship : EULER
Fills to capacity : SATES
Trash or compost : WASTE
Suffix with real or surreal : IST
Tree’s support system : ROOTS
“What’d you say?” : HUH
Pancake-flipping implement : SPATULA
Large tea container : URN
Answer at the altar : IDO
Ship featured in a 1997 megafilm : TITANIC
Actress Vardalos : NIA
Move really fast : ZIP
City that’s the subject of this puzzle : SEATTLE
Pomeranian, e.g. : DOG