New York Times Crossword July 3 2016 Answers

By | July 3, 2016

New York Times Crossword July 3 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, July 3, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday 3 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 7/3/16 answers :
‘American Psycho’ author : ELLIS
‘Glad the week’s almost over!’ : TGIF
‘Ideas worth spreading’ grp : TED
‘Live ___’ (Taco Bell slogan) : MAS
‘Nope, huh-uh’ : IXNAY
‘Peanuts’ thumb-sucker : LINUS
‘S.N.L.’ cast member, 1985-90 : NORADUNN
‘South Pacific’ star ___ Brazzi : ROSSANO
‘Vive ___!’ : LEROI
‘Yeah, same here’ : ANDSODOI
‘___ bodkins!’ : ODS
…, to Samuel Morse : ESS
Abbr. on a copier tray : LTR
Actress Hayek : SALMA
Alternative to ‘la’ : UNE
Appointment book page : DAY
Bank window letters : FDIC
Beryl and bornite : ORES
Bit of summer wear : TANKTOP
Bottom-line figure : NETINCOME
Carol opening : ADESTE
Coddles : PAMPERS
Concern for vets : PTSD
Cornmeal dish : POLENTA
Counting rhyme start : EENIE
Cousin of an impala : ELAND
Crankcase base : OILPAN
Curt ___, 2001 World Series M.V.P : SCHILLING
Custom : WONT
Daphne du Maurier novel made into a Best Picture : REBECCA
Detects : SENSES
Did some housecleaning : SWEPT
Dixie term of address : YALL
Doesn’t cool down : STAYSMAD
Donald Duck’s nephews, e.g : TRIO
Emmerich who directed ‘Independence Day’ : ROLAND
Entrance requirements, informally : TIX
Every leader of North Korea so far : KIM
Fed. reactor monitor : NRC
First home of the three rich little pigs? : STRAWMANSION
Flooded with : AWASHIN
Follow : TAIL
Going ___ : RATE
Good looks or a nice personality : ASSET
Green Day drummer : TRECOOL
Green org : EPA
Group sharing a tartan : CLAN
Gussying up : PRETTYING
Handler of many trays, for short : TSA
Have thirds, say : OVEREAT
Help illegally : ABET
Historic blocks : ERAS
Humongous : GIANT
IMAX predecessor : CINERAMA
Ink : TATS
Internet annoyances : POPUPS
Internet surfing, often : TIMESINK
It helps get the blood flowing : AORTA
Kind of truck : LONGBED
Like a clear night sky : STARRY
Like a satellite’s path : ORBITAL
Like some soap : ONAROPE
Like supermarkets, theaters and planes : AISLED
Long-nosed fish : GAR
Mary Kay rival : AVON
More run-down : DUMPIER
Moved like sap : OOZED
Mystery writer Dorothy : SAYERS
Narrows the gap with : NEARS
New Mexico natives : ZUNIS
New York native : ONEIDA
Night ___ : OWL
North Woods denizen : MOOSE
Onetime Expos/Mets outfielder Chávez : ENDY
Online finance firm : ELOAN
Only country with a nonrectangular flag : NEPAL
Only state with a nonrectangular flag : OHIO
Outback baby : JOEY
Painkillers : ANODYNES
Peddle : HAWK
Peer onstage : GYNT
Pitchfork-wielding group : MOB
Point : AIM
Polish site : NAIL
Portrayer of Buffett in ‘Too Big to Fail’ : ASNER
Product that works, and is stored, under the sink : DRANO
Proportionate : INSCALE
Queen ___ lace : ANNES
Quill tip : NIB
Rap epithet : LIL
Raw footage? : PORNO
Recently retired Laker great, to fans : KOBE
Red Cross setup : TENTS
Response: Abbr : ANS
Rib-eye alternative : TBONE
Ruin, as a parade : RAINON
School leader? : PRE
Sci-fi-inspired toys of the 1980s : EWOKS
Seinfeld’s ‘puffy shirt,’ e.g : BLOUSE
Shifts to the right : INDENTS
Sing about? : RATON
Some gowns : DIORS
Some Wall St. traders : ARBS
Some, to Spaniards : UNAS
Something you might have a handle on : CHATROOM
Spine part : DISK
Spirits: Abbr : ALC
Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls : MELC
Squeak (by) : EKE
Still quite red : RARE
Subject of many an internet meme : CAT
Suffix with Darwin : IAN
Suffragist Elizabeth Cady ___ : STANTON
The cantina in ‘Star Wars,’ e.g.? : SPACEJUNCTION
The first step : ATOB
Too tired for the task, say : NOTUPTOIT
Two things the candy lover took to the beach? : SWEETNLOTION
Unable to make a mess? : AWOL
Unit of bricks, so to speak : TON
Unvarying in tone : ONENOTE
Very, very top of the earth’s crust? : DIRTPORTION
Villain in ‘The Avengers’ : LOKI
Wally’s bro, on ’50s-’60s TV : BEAV
We all do it : AGE
Wee hour : TWO
What an overbearing sergeant causes? : BASETENSION
What improved tire tread produces? : BONUSTRACTION
What’s involved in a tongue twister? : TRICKYDICTION
Where they sell accessories at a pet shop? : COLLARSTATION
Who said ‘If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize’ : ALI
Will work : ESSAY
Winter Olympics powerhouse: Abbr : NOR
X-coordinate : ABSCISSA
Yearly tree growths : ANNULI
___ Barkley, Truman’s vice president : ALBEN
___ Na Na : SHA