New York Times Crossword July 27 2016 Answers

By | July 27, 2016

New York Times Crossword July 27 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on wednesday, July 27, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword wednesday 27 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 7/27/16 answers :
___ out (didn’t make it on base, in a way) : FLIED
___ said! : NUFF
___ vincit amor : OMNIA
___ You the One? (MTV reality show) : ARE
2003 Bennifer bomb : GIGLI
A O doesn’t have one : END
Attracted : DREW
British scientist/novelist with a wintry name : CPSNOW
Bunch of bees : SWARM
Citrus hybrid whose name suggests its appearance : UGLI
Collector’s goal : SET
Common Yuletide purchase : FIR
Creator of the Oompa-Loompas and the BFG : DAHL
Do the wrong thing : ERR
Fiona and Shrek, for two : OGRES
First baseman in a classic comedy routine : WHO
Floated, as a bad check : KITED
Forensic TV franchise : CSI
Going ___ (battling) : ATIT
Head for the hills : FLEE
Hello … hello … hello … : ECHO
How do you like dem apples?! : BOOYAH
In a Yoda-like manner : SAGELY
Itemize : LIST
It’s said at the exchange of Os : IDO
Lake that stretches from Toledo to Buffalo : ERIE
Letter on a sorority house : TAU
Local fund-raising grp. : PTA
Lose sleep (over) : OBSESS
Maleficent star, 2014 : JOLIE
Maxwell House alternative : YUBAN
Messes with 007’s martini : STIRS
Mexican shekels : PESOS
Muscle/bone connection : SINEW
Oh, stop moping! : GETOVERIT
On top of that … : ALSO
One of 100 in Winnie-the-Pooh’s wood : ACRE
Opposites of busts : BOOMS
Pet at Queen Elizabeth II’s side : CORGI
Place to find five Os : OLYMPICFLAG
Place to find four Os : AUDIDEALER
Place to find one O : THEHOBBIT
Place to find three Os : CIRCUSTENT
Place to find two Os : VENNDIAGRAM
Present-day locale of ancient Sheba : YEMEN
Refusal from Putin : NYET
Resistance measure : OHM
Rung : STEP
Scary movie that spawned the spoof “Scary Movie” : SCREAM
Scent in incense and insect repellents : PATCHOULI
Sci. with maps : GEOG
Shearer of “The Red Shoes” : MOIRA
Slow, in music : LENTO
Snatched : STOLEN
Snatches : NABS
Star of “Madam Secretary” : LEONI
Start of el 37-Across : ENERO
Sync up : ALIGN
Talk and talk and talk : YAK
Ted Turner vis-a-vis the Atlanta Braves, once : OWNER
That’s clear to me now : ISEE
That’s unbelievable! : GEE
That’s unbelievable! : OHWOW
That’s what ___ said! : SHE
There’s ___ in team : NOI
They’re marked on maps: Abbr. : RTES
Tiny anomaly : BLIP
Tire-changing spots : PITS
Title role in a 2012 Tarantino film : DJANGO
Type of type : ROMAN
Vegas performance : ACT
Wagner work … or a possible title for this puzzle : RINGCYCLE
Walgreens rival : CVS
Year, in the Yucatan : ANO
You, in Nice : VOUS