New York Times Crossword July 23 2016 Answers

By | July 23, 2016

New York Times Crossword July 23 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on saturday, July 23, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword saturday 23 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 7/23/16 answers :
24-book classic : ILIAD
Actress Balaban of “Supernatural” : LIANE
Alternative to Flix : TMC
Ariz. doesn’t observe it : DST
Bass brass : TUBAS
Bathers at Asnieres and “Parade de Cirque” : SEURATS
Be in shock from a sock : SEESTARS
Be what one isn’t : LIVEALIE
Biggest rival of US Foods : SYSCO
Cesar subject : CINE
Charley Bates’s mentor, in literature : FAGIN
Do-it-yourself wheels : KITCAR
First division, maybe : PARTA
First lady Barbara’s Russian counterpart : RAISA
Foreign aide : AUPAIR
Game giveaway : TELL
Golfer’s error : SLICE
Half of a 2000s stoner-film duo : KUMAR
Hesitant : NOTSOSURE
Hindu embodiment of virtue : RAMA
Holders of thoughts? : CRANIA
Hookups on “House” : IVS
Is a kiss-up : KOWTOWS
Kung ___ beef : PAO
Last name in the funnies for nearly 50 years : KETT
Let me ___ pray thee: Exodus 4:18 : GOI
Let’s go! : CMON
Like venison : LEAN
Little rows : TIFFS
Longtime hair lightener brand : SUNIN
Make a measure of : ENACT
Malfunctioning : BUM
Measure (up) : STACK
Music genre for Miriam Makeba : AFROPOP
Musical with the song “There’s a Sucker Born Ev’ry Minute” : BARNUM
One often accused of being blind : UMPIRE
Ones with love-hate relationships, say : FRENEMIES
Order back : REMAND
Org. awarding 5-Downs : WBA
Picks nits : CARPS
Pop singer Goulding : ELLIE
Power of two : EIGHT
Preceder of the sound of a gavel : FINALBID
Press target, informally : DELT
Princess and angel, e.g. : PETNAMES
Procedure improving one’s looks? : LASIK
Prognostication proclamation : ITSASIGN
Rank and file : MASSES
Recover after being wrecked : SOBERUP
Reduced : SLIMMED
Scrooge : TIGHTWAD
She anchored “Weekend Update” with Tina, then Seth : AMY
Shelved : ONICE
Shift specification: Abbr. : HRS
Show on which Adam West voices Mayor Adam West : FAMILYGUY
Some small tablets : IPADMINIS
Some temple figures : LAMAS
Something to believe in : TENET
Something to carve out : NICHE
Soupcon : TAD
Supporting strip : BELT
Things that one is good at : SKILLSET
Those falling head over heels? : ACROBATS
W.W. II landing site in Italy : ANZIO
What a troll may perpetuate : FLAMEWAR
Year-end tradition since 1966 : KWANZAA