New York Times Crossword January 29 2017 Answers

By | January 29, 2017

New York Times Crossword January 29 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, january 29, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday 29 january 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 1/29/17 answers :
“Damn right!” : YES
“Get lost!” : VAMOOSE
“Great!” : COOLBEANS
“Hava Nagila” dance : HORA
“I think,” in texts : IMO
“Lawrence of Arabia” star : OTOOLE
“My man” : BRO
“The Call of the Wild” author : JACKLONDON
“Twister” actress Gertz : JAMI
“Up” voice actor : ASNER
“What ___?” : ELSE
“___ Care of Business” (1974 Bachman-Turner Overdrive hit) : TAKIN
“___ cheese!” : SAY
1-Across’s cry : IWIN
14-Across’s result : BUST
Amount of separation, in a party game : SIXDEGREES
Artist who said “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs” : DALI
Basis of some discrimination : AGE
Behind : REAR
Big retailer in women”s fashion : ANNTAYLOR
Bit of progress : DENT
Blow off steam : VENT
Bottom of an LP : SIDEB
Bring in : EARN
Bullets legend Unseld : WES
Butcher’s discards : OFFAL
Campaign expense : TVSPOT
Cannon in movies : DYAN
Carpenters with small jobs? : ANTS
Celebratory request : GIVEMEFIVE
Changed, as voting districts : REDREW
Chest-thumping : BOASTING
Citi rival, informally : BOFA
City that’s home to the Firestone Country Club : AKRON
Collective works : OEUVRE
Company with a noted catalog : IKEA
Composer Max who was called “the father of film music” : STEINER
Confession subjects : SINS
Container that may have a sharpener : CRAYONBOX
Countenances : MIENS
Delivery instructions? : LAMAZE
Developer’s purchase : LOT
Digital camera mode : AUTO
Divider in the Bible? : MOSES
Dull color, in Dusseldorf : GRAU
Easy-breezy tune : LILT
Eins + zwei : DREI
Entertainment on a Jamaican cruise, perhaps : SKABAND
Entr”___ : ACTE
Fairy tale family : THREEBEARS
Famed Broadway restaurateur : SARDI
Feel bitter about : RESENT
From square one : ANEW
Game depicted in the circled squares : TWENTYONE
Green plant? : MONEYTREE
Having a lot to lose, maybe : OBESE
Holiday air : NOEL
Hotel bill add-ons : ROOMTAXES
Hound : DOG
How great minds are said to think : ALIKE
In the distance : AFAR
Indy 500 winner A. J : FOYT
Infers from data : EDUCES
Intimate garment, for short : CAMI
Investment seminar catchphrase : CASHISKING
It’s unreturnable : SERVICEACE
Item by many a reception desk : FERN
Jane Rochester, nee ___ : EYRE
Kind of paper or test : LITMUS
Laser ___ : TAG
Last mustachioed president : TAFT
Lieu : STEAD
Lieutenant, informally : TWOSTRIPER
Light show : AURORA
Like houseplants : POTTED
Like the sign of the fish : CHRISTIAN
Linc’s portrayer in 1999’s “The Mod Squad” : OMAREPPS
Lost big : ATEIT
Maniacs : FIENDS
March Madness stage : ELITEEIGHT
Marijuana, in modern slang : ENDO
Marked by futility : VAIN
Matchmaker of myth : EROS
Maui memento : LEI
Message with a subject line : MEMO
Mother ___ : TERESA
Moxie : SPUNK
Musicianship : EAR
Neckline shape : VEE
Neuwirth of “Frasier” : BEBE
Once, at one time : ERST
One doesn’t hold stock for long : DAYTRADER
One may get smashed : LOB
One side of a 69-Across showdown : PLAYER
Other side of the showdown : DEALER
Part of a tour : GIG
Path to enlightenment : ZEN
Pinball wizard’s hangout : ARCADE
Place where taps may be heard : BARRACKS
Printer paper size: Abbr : LTR
Right on a map : EAST
Ruhr industrial city : ESSEN
Samoan staple : POI
Sand wedge, e.g : IRON
Sean Lennon’s mother : ONO
See 125-Across : SERIF
Shade : TINT
Silly Putty holder : EGG
Skype alternative : FACETIME
Some : AFEW
Some SAT takers: Abbr : SRS
Speed skater Heiden : ERIC
Standard poodle name : FIFI
Starting on : ASOF
Storied workshop worker : ELF
Strip of buttons : TOOLBAR
Suffix with acetyl : ENE
Super Fro-Yo seller : TCBY
Superman, at other times : KENT
Sushi restaurant wrap? : OBI
Tabloid issue : LIBEL
Tease : KID
Tel. no. add-ons : EXTS
Thanksgiving dish : YAMS
The “Y” of Y.S.L : YVES
Top-shelf : BEST
Total : SUMTO
Unlikely partygoer : LONER
Upscale bag brand : FENDI
Venetian blind parts : SLATS
Wiggle room : LEEWAY
Wine barrel descriptor : OAKEN
With 76-Across, like Arial and Helvetica : SANS
Word after snake or sound : BITE
Word on a towel : HERS
Word shortened to its last letter in texts : YOU
Worried : FRETFUL
X-File subject : UFO
Young swans : CYGNETS