New York Times Crossword January 22 2018 Answers

By | January 22, 2018

New York Times Crossword January 22 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on monday, January 22, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword monday 22 January 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 1/22/18 answers :
‘Forgot About ___’ (2000 rap hit) : DRE
‘Leaving ___ Vegas’ : LAS
‘Legally ___’ (Reese Witherspoon film) : BLONDE
‘Red’ or ‘White’ baseball team : SOX
‘Seinfeld’ character who wrote for the J. Peterman catalog : ELAINE
‘Sesame Street’ character long rumored to be Bert’s lover : ERNIE
‘Sounds exciting …’ : OHFUN
2016 Best Actress Oscar winner for ‘La La Land’ : EMMASTONE
Abbr. in an office address : STE
Administrative regions in Russia : OBLASTS
Agatha Christie or Maggie Smith : DAME
Applaud : CLAP
Ariana Grande’s fan base, mostly : TEENS
Back in style : RETRO
Be nosy : PRY
Biden and Pence, informally : VPS
Bit of clowning around : ANTIC
Bond film after ‘Skyfall’ : SPECTRE
Caribbean ballroom dance : MAMBO
Chess endings : MATES
Chop finely : MINCE
Cutting-edge brand? : XACTO
Deep-fried Mexican dish : CHALUPA
Deep-fried Mexican dish : TOSTADA
Div. for the N.F.L.’s Jets : AFCEAST
Encouragement for a matador : OLE
Enthusiastic audience response, informally : STANDINGO
Eric who sang ‘Layla’ : CLAPTON
Exceed : GOPAST
Fish typically split before cooking : SCROD
Fix, as an election : RIG
Go from 0 to 60, say : FLOORIT
Grand stories : EPICS
Grandmother, affectionately : NANA
Group of eight : OCTAD
Gym locker emanation : ODOR
Half of a half step in music : QUARTERTONE
Holiday drink : NOG
Home shopping inits : QVC
Inbox buildup : EMAILS
Iranian currency : RIAL
Jiffy : TRICE
Laughs through the nose : SNORTS
Less talkative : MUTER
Like the name ‘Robin Banks’ for a criminal : APT
Look down on : SCORN
Look for : SEEK
Make, as money : EARN
Muscat is its capital : OMAN
Natural process illustrated by the last words of 18-, 24-, 37-, 54- and 61-Across : EROSION
Novelist Rand : AYN
On the briny : ASEA
One of two in ‘Hamilton’ : ACT
Pacific source of unusual weather : ELNINO
Places to get quick cash : ATMS
Ponzi schemes, e.g : SCAMS
Prefix with life or wife : MID
Put in the cross hairs : AIMAT
Racer’s swimwear : SPEEDOS
Relieved (of) : RID
Sailor’s patron : STELMO
Something acute or obtuse : ANGLE
Somewhat : ABIT
Start to attack : SETAT
Stoic politician of ancient Rome : CATO
Successors to LPs : CDS
Sudden problem in a plan : SNAG
Swirled : EDDIED
Times past noon, informally : AFTS
Title of a list of errands : TODO
Tree with acorns : OAK
Unwelcome looks : LEERS
Weight unit equal to about 2,205 pounds : METRICTON
What sunning in a swimsuit leaves : TANLINE
___ Wallace, co-founder of Reader’s Digest : LILA