New York Times Crossword February 28 2018 Answers

By | February 28, 2018

New York Times Crossword February 28 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on wednesday, February 28, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword wednesday 28 February 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 2/28/18 answers :
___ Bo (exercise system) : TAE
___ homo : ECCE
___ Jima : IWO
___ Stic (ballpoint pen) : CLIC
A, B, C or D, in multiple choice: Abbr. : ANS
Actress ___ Lisi of “How to Murder Your Wife” : VIRNA
Aids for muzzleloading firearms : RAMRODS
Anti-rash powder : TALC
Become rusty : OXIDATE
Bertolt who wrote “The Threepenny Opera” : BRECHT
Came to an end : CEASED
Canadian filling station : ESSO
City on the Brazos River : WACOTEXAS
Classical musician whose given name is a toy : YOYOMA
Colombia neighbor : ECUADOR
Cookie since 1912 : OREO
Dept. of Labor agcy. : OSHA
Disney’s Queen of Arendelle : ELSA
Don quickly : THROWON
Fanatics : ZEALOTS
Fat stat : BMI
Fate : LOT
Gear for going up hills : LOW
Go ___ great length : ONAT
Haul back to the auto pound : RETOW
Haven’t the foggiest : NOIDEA
Holed up : HID
Is a recluse : STAYSINSIDE
Ivy League city : ITHACA
Lake or dive preceder : SWAN
Land close to home : HITANERVE
Lee side : THESOUTH
Lens covers : CORNEAS
Less than 90° : ACUTE
Lhasa’s land : TIBET
Like recollections of people trying to avoid perjury? : HAZY
Like this emoticon: 🙁 : SAD
Lord’s Prayer possessive : THY
Lord’s subject : SERF
Marathoner’s need : STAMINA
Marshall’s successor on the Supreme Court : THOMAS
Mayo parts? : DIAS
Modern prefix with warrior : ECO
Naval fleet : ARMADA
Old muscle cars : GTOS
Olin and Horne : LENAS
Paper size option: Abbr. : LTR
Pioneering computer : ENIAC
Place where students are graded on a scale? : MUSICSCHOOL
Position in crew, informally : COX
Restrain, with “in” : REIN
Rocker who sings “Welcome to the Jungle” : AXLROSE
Sch. in the Ocean State : URI
Shell station? : TACOSTAND
Sign of approval : NOD
Small one : RUNT
Sounds from a sleigh : HOS
Spy org. created by F.D.R. : OSS
Still life, e.g. : ART
Subject of a repeated warning at Woodstock : LSD
Take five : REST
Teacher of Islamic law : MULLAH
The Falcons, on a scoreboard : ATL
This or that : EITHER
Throat affliction : STREP
To the point : TERSE
Took out the junk? : SAILED
Uncontrolled outbreak : EPIDEMIC
W.W. II menace : UBOAT
When repeated, marching orders? : LEFTRIGHT
Where S is … : MORSECODE
Wore : HADON
Y. A. Tittle passed for 33,070 of them: Abbr. : YDS
You’re a better man ___! : THANI