New York Times Crossword February 25 2018 Answers

By | February 25, 2018

New York Times Crossword February 25 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, February 25, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday 25 February 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 2/25/18 answers :
‘Aw rats!’ : DARN
‘Hey!’ : PSST
‘See you later’ : ADIOS
‘That so?’ reply : ITIS
‘That wasn’t nice!’ : TSK
‘The Master Builder’ playwright : IBSEN
‘You and I have a deal!’ : WEREON
404 Not Found, e.g : ERROR
Actor Davis : OSSIE
Airport waiter? : CAB
Alpo alternative : IAMS
Amount of jam or jelly beans : JARFUL
Ancient theaters : ODEA
Approve another season of : RENEW
Armpit, medically : AXILLA
Bagel topping : SCHMEAR
Bagel topping spelled using only the letters of 89-Down : CREAMCHEESE
Ballot hanger : CHAD
Basil, e.g : HERB
Basket part : RIM
Basket part : NET
Bass player : TUBA
Be annoying : GRATE
Berth places : WHARFS
Brand in the dairy aisle : LACTAID
Breakfast spots : IHOPS
Butt’s end? : ASH
Bygone deliverers : ICEMEN
Casual top : TEE
Cause of a tic, for short : OCD
Chalked stick : CUE
Challenge for a college-bound student, maybe : APTEST
Cherry throwaway : STEM
Christmas drink : WASSAIL
Clandestine : SECRET
Combo meal entree : Surfnturf
Dojo surface : MAT
Double a score : FORTY
Drive-___ : THRU
Energize : KEYUP
Enter the fray : WADEIN
Extras : ADDONS
Fix : RIG
Fostered : BRED
Fund-raising org : PTA
Future stallion : COLT
Garment that’s often plaid : KILT
Geraint’s wife, in Arthurian romance : ENID
Gets back together : REUNES
Glacial ridges : ARETES
Grandfather of Alfred the Great : EGBERT
Group of stars : ALIST
Historical period : IRONAGE
Historical period spelled using only the letters of 2-Down : GEORGIANERA
Holder of shells : FIREARM
Huggable : CUDDLY
Hypothetical : WHATIF
In ___ of : LIEU
Include without notifying others, in a way : BCC
Inner tubes? : AORTAS
It’s comped : FREEBIE
It’s imagined : FIGMENT
Jackie of ‘The Tuxedo’ : CHAN
Jamaican export : SKA
Jamaican rapper ___ Paul : SEAN
Jewel case holder : CDTOWER
Kind of medicine : FORENSIC
Kitchen brand : OXO
Lead role in ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ 1999 : TEENA
Many a year-end list : TOPTEN
Many an office worker’s problem : EYESTRAIN
Medical inserts : STENTS
Mound : HEAP
Much-abbreviated Latin phrase : IDEST
Muhammad’s favorite wife : AYESHA
Nanki-Poo’s father, with ‘the’ : MIKADO
Neeson of ‘Schindler’s List’ : LIAM
Neighbor of a Montenegrin : SERB
Nickname of Duke basketball’s Mike Krzyzewski : COACHK
No-good, spelled using only the letters of 71-Down : DADBLASTED
Not happy, to say the least : IRATE
Ones not up to par? : BOGEYS
Order to go : MUSH
Oscar winner with four #1 Billboard hits : CHER
Page 1, e.g : RECTO
Part of a motorcade : ESCORT
Penguins’ org : NHL
Pep : VIM
Photog’s purchase : SLR
Place to get pampered : SPA
Prince of Shakespeare : HAL
Put the pedal to the metal : SPED
Rack site : OVEN
Really impressive : OUTSTANDING
Really impressive, spelled using only the letters of 39-Down : ASTOUNDING
Relish : GUSTO
Revolutionary War hero : ETHANALLEN
Revolutionary War hero spelled using only the letters of 13-Down : NATHANHALE
Roger in the Navy : AYEAYE
Sarcastic response to a fail : NAILEDIT
Screw up : FLUB
Seaweed in Japanese cuisine : KOMBU
Shade of blue : COBALT
Singer who once spelled her name with a ‘$’ : KESHA
Six things in some six-packs : SODACANS
Slyly attracts : LURESIN
Small flute : FIFE
Snack items : POTATOCHIPS
Snack items spelled using only the letters of 36-Down : PISTACHIOS
Spanish ‘Listen!’ : OYE
Stern-looking : DOUR
Sukkot celebrant : JEW
Sun spot? : SKY
Temporary tattoo material : HENNA
Therefore : ERGO
Throws together : MAKES
Tin lizzies : MODELTS
Took back one’s story : RECANTED
Track schedule : MEETS
Tries to beat the buzzer? : SWATS
TV demonstrator at the 1939 World’s Fair : RCA
Unlikely to be talked out of : BENTON
Was dateless : WENTSTAG
Was mounted atop : RODEON
Website with a ‘Sell an item’ option : EBAY
What a press pass provides : ACCESS
What assayers assay : ORES
When it comes to : ASFOR
Whole-grain cereal brand : KASHI
Woman’s name that sounds like its second and first letters, respectively : ELLY
Word before ‘before’ : USE
Word before data or deal : BIG
Word that might be helpful on a class reunion name tag : NEE
Writer Nin : ANAIS
You can lend one without letting go of it : EAR
Young ___ : TURK
___ Creed (Christian statement of faith) : NICENE