New York Times Crossword February 18 2018 Answers

By | February 18, 2018

New York Times Crossword February 18 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, February 18, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday 18 February 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 2/18/18 answers :
‘D.C. Cab’ co-star : MRT
‘Hasta la vista’ : ADIOS
‘Mudbound’ director Rees : DEE
‘The King ___’ : ANDI
‘The Oblong Box’ writer : POE
‘___ go bragh!’ : ERIN
‘___ your head!’ : USE
24 heures ago : HIER
A bushelful : LOTS
Actress Rowlands : GENA
Added numbers : ENCORES
Against : CON
Anchor : MOOR
Annual CBS awards broadcast, with ‘the’ : TONYS
Apt rhyme for ‘grr’ : CUR
Arizona tribe : HOPI
Authority on diamonds? : UMP
Basics of education, briefly : RRR
Big brand of grills : WEBER
Bit of baloney : FIB
Board hiree, for short : CEO
Break, as a habit : UNLEARN
Buenos ___ : AIRES
Burn a little : CHAR
Business magazine : INC
Census datum : RACE
Central command spots, for short : HQS
Choler : IRE
City in Los Angeles County : TORRANCE
City on the Erie Canal : UTICA
Coarse, as language : SALTY
Connect, as picture with sound : SYNC
Corral : PENUP
Cousins of jaguarundis : OCELOTS
Dark beer : PORTER
Devilkin : IMP
Dole (out) : METE
Dress code requirement for the Puritans? : PRIMCOLORS
Electrical connection? : ARC
Elvis ___ Presley : ARON
End of story? : MORAL
Engaged in arson : LITAFIRE
European capital named after a saint : SOFIA
European eruption site : ETNA
Everybody’s opposite : NOONE
Fey’s co-star in ‘Baby Mama’ and ‘Sisters’ : POEHLER
Fills : SATES
Follower of hi or lo : RES
France’s ___ Noël : PERE
French vineyard : CRU
Gin, lime and soda combo : GIMLET
Glaswegians, e.g : SCOTS
Go over one’s wardrobe? : IRON
Goads : EGGSON
Green of the L.P.G.A : TAMMIE
Gunpowder holder : KEG
Hoped-for conclusion by someone with sore knees? : EARLYAMEN
Hula accompaniment, for short : UKE
Infamous Chicago bootlegger : ALCAPONE
Is able to translate what was heard on the wall? : SPEAKSFLY
Is expecting : AWAITS
It goes after go : KART
Khayyám and others : OMARS
Lackadaisical sorts : LOTUSEATERS
Leave in the dust : OUTRUN
Left only the exterior of : GUTTED
Like fried food vis-à-vis grilled food, typically : GREASIER
Like high-quality olive oil : EXTRAVIRGIN
Lion queen in ‘The Lion King’ : NALA
Louver : SLAT
Make a really long-distance call? : PHONEMARS
Make faces in front of a camera : MUG
Many mowers : DEERES
Matador’s foe : ELTORO
Mattress tester’s compensation? : SLUMBERPAY
Mediterranean resort island : MINORCA
Mine, in Milano : MIO posting : JOB
More in order : NEATER
Neighbor of New York : ONTARIO
New York Titans and Dallas Texans, in ’60s sports : AFLERS
Nighttime event in the western sky : MOONSET
Not stay the course? : VEER
Number of i’s in ‘Sicilia’ : TRE
Oddity : QUIRK
Opposite of ennemies : AMIES
Overdue amount : ARREAR
Part of Potus: Abbr : PRES
Peak in Suisse : ALPE
Pesticide ingredient : URETHANE
Plains tribe : OSAGES
Playoff matchup : SERIES
Pointless : FUTILE
Polish dumpling : PIEROGI
Prayer books : MISSALS
Prefix with dermis : EPI
Protrude : JUT
QB’s feat : TDPASS
Rani’s raiment : SARI
Rep : CRED
Request for aid : SOS
Resolve : STEEL
River through Russia and Kazakhstan : URAL
Rufous ruminant : REDDEER
Schubert’s ‘Eine Kleine Trauermusik,’ e.g : NONET
Scotland’s longest river : TAY
Search engine failure? : BINGERROR
Sénat affirmative : OUI
Senate affirmative : YEA
Simple variant of baseball : ONEOCAT
Slips into at a store, say : TRIESON
Software package : SUITE
Sp. miss : SRTA
Still a contender : INIT
Suggestion of what to do, slangily : REC
Super superstar : ICON
Supercilious sort … or the title for this puzzle : NAMEDROPPER
Swimmers with flippers : SEALIONS
Tactic in a war of attrition : SIEGE
Test prep aid : TUTOR
Things that are bought and soled : SHOES
Things that might be grabbed by someone in an argument : LAPELS
Three-dimensional fig : CYL
Thwart : FOIL
Titanic’s undoing : BERG
Tops : AONE
Two, in Toulouse : DEUX
Uprightness : PROBITY
Way out : EGRESS
Wear down : ERODE
Welcome at the front door : SEEIN
Went wild : RANRIOT
What may follow a school period? : EDU
What mos. and mos. add up to : YRS
Witch’s home : ENDOR
With 103-Across, simple furniture style : ERICA
With 108-Across, not talking loudly on a cell, e.g : ANNE
With 29-Across, surprise in the mail : BILL
With 30-Across, is blunt : FRANK
With 55-Across, big sleepover : ART
With 77-Across, red, blue and yellow : MARY
Word after big or oil : RIG
Years ago : ONCE
___ aisle, part of a church : APSE