New York Times Crossword December 14 2016 Answers

By | December 14, 2016

New York Times Crossword December 14 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on wednesday, december 14, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword wednesday 14 december 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 12/14/16 answers :
___ believe … : IDO
___ boom bah! : SIS
___ Spencer, co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America” : LARA
___ Sports Bureau (official 58-Down provider for Major League Baseball) : ELIAS
2Something to follow : GOODEXAMPLE
A, B or C : NOTE
Apprehend : NAB
Arise : CROPUP
Arm of the Dept. of Labor : OSHA
Bacchanal : ORGY
Basis of a scholarship : NEED
Black History Month: Abbr. : FEB
Cheese coated in red wax : EDAM
Circus safety feature : NET
Colorado senator Michael : BENNET
Company whose business is picking up : UBER
Computer shortcuts : MACROS
Deep cut : GASH
Deuce follower : ADIN
Devices for many runners : IPODS
Dyeing technique : BATIK
Electrician, at times : WIRER
Email folder : SPAM
Espy : SPOT
Eye sore : STYE
Fashion designer Miller : NICOLE
Feudal lords : LIEGES
Finishing option : MATTE
Game of Thrones and others : SAGAS
Genre for Fall Out Boy : EMO
Get information from, in a way : DEBRIEF
Godsend : BOON
Goofs : ERRS
Gumbo vegetable : OKRA
Health meas. used to diagnose obesity : BMI
Helical stuff : DNA
Homer’s neighbor : NED
Indian tea region : ASSAM
It’s not my first ___ : RODEO
Last: Abbr. : ULT
Leaning : ASLANT
Low pair : TWOS
Mexican civilization known for its colossal head sculptures : OLMEC
Mountaineering tool : ICEAX
Nontext part of a text : EMOJI
Old name for Tokyo : EDO
On Medicare, say: Abbr. : RETD
One might do it from a soapbox : ORATE
One who wants a ring for bling? : GOLDDIGGER
Parts of an ovo-lacto vegetarian’s diet : EGGS
Patriarch of House Stark on “Game of Thrones” : EDDARD
Pointless : IDLE
Q neighbor : TAB
Region of ancient Palestine : JUDEA
Reverse : UNDO
Ring in the ocean : ATOLL
Ruiner of a perfect report card : ONEB
See 51-Down : STAT
See 52-Across : SHOT
Sgt., e.g. : NCO
Stars may have big ones : EGOS
Steakhouse selection : TBONE
Still frame of Mickey, maybe : CEL
Subject line abbr. : FWD
Suffix with bachelor : ETTE
Teensy bit : IOTA
Tense : ONEDGE
The ten in “first and ten”: Abbr. : YDS
Their characters jump off the page : POPUPBOOKS
Torah expert : RABBI
Voice-controlled product from Amazon : ECHO
With 69-Across, V.I.P. : BIG
Word between “mine” and “mine” : ALL
Wowed : AWED