New York Times Crossword April 30 2017 Answers

By | April 30, 2017

New York Times Crossword April 30 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, april 30, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword sunday 30 april 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 4/30/17 answers :
‘Eww!’ : ICK
‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ rapper : COOLIO
‘I hate the Moor’ speaker : IAGO
‘Louder!’ : TURNITUP
‘No ___!’ : MAS
‘Phooey!’ : BAH
1920s anarchist in a prominent trial : SACCO
1998 Sarah McLachlan hit : ADIA
A quarter of M : CCL
Abruzzi bell town : ATRI
Activity in a dohyo : SUMO
Aggravation : AGITA
Also-___ : RANS
Articles of faith : TENETS
Assist with the dishes : DRY
Attachment letters : PDF
Auto frame : CHASSIS
Back biter, maybe : FLEA
Backspace over : ERASE
Beatles song, album or movie : HELP
Big game : BOWL
Big mouth : MAW
Bris official : MOHEL
Buffet centerpiece? : EFS
Burned a bit : SINGED
Caffeine source : KOLA
Call wrongly : MISTITLE
Can’t stand : HATES
Cartwright who played one of the von Trapp children in ‘The Sound of Music’ : ANGELA
Casino draw : KENO
Certain Consumer Reports employee : TESTER
Child’s play : ASNAP
Chrissie in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame : HYNDE
Christmas Day exhortation : OPENIT
Come together : COALESCE
Commercials for a ‘Star Trek’ movie? : SPOCKPLUGS
Completely convinced about : DEADSETON
Condiment for pommes frites : SEL
Cookin’, after ‘on’ : AROLL
Cross condition : SNIT
Cross to bear : ONUS
Da’s opposite : NYET
Didn’t give way : HELD
Discontinued Toyota line : SCION
Egyptian ___ (spotted cat breed) : MAU
Eighth of a cup : OUNCE
Elaine ___, cabinet member for both Bush and Trump : CHAO
Energetic one : PISTOL
Extinct cousin of the kiwi : MOA
First daughter of the 1960s : LUCI
Flower arrangement : RACEME
Game with drawings : LOTTO
Gifford’s successor on TV : RIPA
Go out for a while? : NAP
Gorsuch replaced him : SCALIA
Gulf War allies : SAUDIS
Hangs loose : CHILLS
Head bands? : HALOES
Heads for a bar? : FOAMS
High points of a European vacation? : ALPS
Imitative : APISH
In the mood : AMOROUS
Inclined : ASLOPE
J.Crew competitor : LLBEAN
Just manages : EKESOUT
Kenan’s former Nickelodeon pal : KEL
Kind of chance : FAT
Like some transfers : IRONON
Make no bones about : ADMIT
Measure, as a runner : CLOCK
Most in-shape person at a cosmetics company? : THEBODOFAVON
Mother of Helios : THEA
Munich missus : FRAU
Music genre for Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly : ACIDROCK
Narrow passage: Abbr : STR
Nasty cut : GASH
Naval agreement : AYE
Nitwits : SIMPS
Number two : AIDE
Pan Am rival : TWA
Part of a crossword : GRID
Pasta picks : ELBOWS
Prefix with -partite : TRI
Progressive alternative : GEICO
Put-down : SLUR
Puts out : DOUSES
Quick and detached, musically: Abbr : STAC
Quickly added bit of punctuation? : INSTANTCOMMA
Regimen with limited intake of corn? : LOWCOBDIET
Remain fresh : KEEP
Removed expeditiously : WHISKEDAWAY
Ridicule shouted out of a moving car? : PASSINGMOCK
Roster shortener : ETALII
Scopes Trial org : ACLU
Serpent’s tail? : INE
Shere who wrote ‘Women and Love’ : HITE
Shire of ‘Rocky’ : TALIA
Short-lived things : EPHEMERA
Sinatra, for one : BARITONE
Sister of Erato : EUTERPE
Site-seeing? : ONLINE
Slight : NEGLECT
Something ‘kicked up’ : FUSS
Space saver in a taxi or bus : DROPSEAT
Spanish chess piece : REY
Special Agent Gibbs’s beat : NCIS
Speck of dust : MOTE
Spring for a vacation? : SPA
Squash : END
Standing directly in front of one another : TOETOTOE
Star of CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ : LEONI
Strict Sabbath observer of old : ESSENE
Studio warning : ONAIR
Suffix with beat : NIK
Support for a fringe candidate, maybe : PROTESTVOTE
Swing site : PORCH
Takes the first step : BEGINS
Tear apart : REND
They can throw you off : DECOYS
Things that allow for jumping ahead in line? : TABS
Tired (out) : WORE
Title for Helen Mirren : DAME
Toddler’s cry upon entering the bathroom? : ITSMYPOTTY
Tries to mediate : STEPSIN
Turkish honorific : AGA
Two-time U.S. Open champ : ELS
Unctuous flattery : SMARM
Violators of the Second Commandment : IDOLATERS
Weather forecaster in Phoenix? : HOTSPECIALIST
What allowed one physician to get through flu season? : ASHOTINTHEDOC
Where ‘ho’ and ‘hoina’ mean ‘yes’ and ‘no’ : NEPAL
Where Einstein was born : ULM
Where I-15 meets I-70 : UTAH
Word before green or after deep blue : SEA
Worn things : GARB
Yankee Sparky who wrote ‘The Bronx Zoo’ : LYLE
Yoga teacher’s invitation? : ACALLTOOMS
___ friends : AMONG
___ moment : INA
___-turn : NOU