New York Times Crossword April 1 2017 Answers

By | April 1, 2017

New York Times Crossword April 1 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on saturday, april 1, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve NY Times Crossword saturday 1 april 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

New York Times Crossword 4/1/17 answers :
___ way : INNO
Actress Wilson of “Mrs. Doubtfire” : MARA
Ancient New Mexican : ANASAZI
Attire : RAIMENT
Author who wrote “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity” : POE
Bedevil : VEX
Big letters in electronics : RCA
Bit of beachwear : THONG
Brown : SAUTE
Buried treasure : ORE
Compatriot of Mao : CHOU
Construction staples … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme : TWOBYFOURS
Corral : PEN
Don’t give up : GUESSAGAIN
Don’t go!, e.g. : PLEA
Famous Amos : TORI
Features of Boston accents : AHS
Fifth in a group of eight : SOL
Firm parts: Abbr. : ATTYS
German preposition : AUF
Girl’s name that may precede Ann : SUE
Guru, maybe : SIKH
Hit the gas pedal hard : GUNNEDIT
Hockey team, e.g. : HEXAD
Huuuuuuuuge : GINORMOUS
In opposition : CONTRARY
It may be added to alcohol : SINTAX
Like government bonds : RATED
Like melancholy musical keys : MINOR
Living ___ : WAGE
Loose, now : SPRUNG
Major Asian carrier : ANA
Menacing cloud : SWARM
Milieu of the FX series “The Americans” : COLDWAR
Not accidental : MEANT
Not go along : DISSENT
Not wait for Mr. Right, say : SETTLE
Noted father-or-son singer : IGLESIAS
Noted pseudonym in short story writing : SAKI
Obnoxious one : PEST
Oil qtys. : BBLS
One may be starting in sports : LINEUP
One of the Great Lakes : MICHIGAN
Ones moving far from home : EMIGRANTS
Part of a crib : SLAT
Pitiful : SORRY
Place for a barbecue : LANAI
Poetic stanza : STROPHE
Popular cookie : THINMINT
Powerful D.C. lobby : AARP
Prefix with lateral : TRI
Pull (in) : REIN
Racing letters : STP
Raiser of awareness, for short : PSA
Rather powerful engine : VSIX
Rich finish? : AIRE
Risked a ticket : SPED
Rocker Steve : EARLE
Saginaw-to-Flint dir. : SSE
Saint’s home, for short : NOLA
Scandinavian capital : HELSINKI
Sch. with the George W. Bush Presidential Library : SMU
Smoothie fruit : ACAI
Some plants : MOLES
Sony offering : HDTV
Spooky quality : EERINESS
Straightens : UNSNARLS
Strips at breakfast : RASHERS
Subject of some codes : DRESS
Taking things for granted on April Fools’ Day and others : NONOS
The poor : HAVENOTS
They burn : LYES
Time ___ … : WAS
Tough, tenacious sorts : PITBULLS
Track, in a sense : SONG
Value : PRIZE
Vase style : MING
What’s shaken when you say “Shake!” : PAW
Wild blue yonder : SKY
Words on a jacket : BLURB

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