LA Times Crossword September 10 2017 Answers

By | September 10, 2017

LA Times Crossword September 10 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, September 10, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 10 september 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 9/10/17 answers :
“Dallas” was one : SOAP
Like much cheese : AGED
Improv style : SCAT
They’re surrounded by agua : ISLAS
Developer’s plot, perhaps : ACRE
Round number? : ZERO
Dingbat : SCHMO
Ohno on skates : APOLO
Hairdo for experts? : WHIZBANGS
Hairdo for gadget lovers? : THINGAMABOB
Roll at a nursery : SOD
Honored athlete : ALLSTAR
John in Dublin : SEAN
Flier over Hawaii : NENE
It may follow you, but not me : ARE
Tricks : RUSES
Old German leader : KAISER
Hairdo for sportscasters? : FOOTBALLHIGHLIGHTS
Only NFL coach with a perfect season : SHULA
Undistinctive marks : CEES
“No man __ island … “: Donne : ISAN
“With enough courage, you can do without a reputation” speaker : RHETT
Sounds of uncertainty : UMS
Household hisser : RADIATOR
Enzyme ending : ASE
Oil-rich fed. : UAE
System of values : ETHIC
Hairdo for certain Germans? : FRANKFURTERBUN
Secretly includes in the 108-Down loop, briefly : BCCS
Ambien maker : SEARLE
“__ gonna happen” : AINT
U2 philanthropist : BONO
Work on, as a soundtrack : REDUB
Having less vermouth, as a martini : DRIER
“Family Guy” creator MacFarlane : SETH
Footnote word : IDEM
More work : UTOPIA
Gossip : DIRT
Hairdo for daring gymnasts? : DOUBLEBACKFLIP
Car shopper’s option : LEASE
Andorra’s cont. : EUR
That, in Mexico : ESA
Emphasized, in a way : ITERATED
Chihuahua cheer : OLE
Prefix with sphere : TROPO
“I’d consider __ honor” : ITAN
French honey : AMIE
Seaman’s shout : AVAST
Hairdo for economists? : INFLATIONARYSPIKES
2017 Masters champ Garcia : SERGIO
P.C. Wren protagonist Beau __ : GESTE
Energy Star co-creator, familiarly : EPA
Skunk River city : AMES
VMI program : ROTC
Three-layer fishing net : TRAMMEL
Changeable border : HEM
Hairdo for wickerworkers? : BASKETWEAVE
Hairdo for burglars? : CRIMEWAVE
Words with wait or state : LIEIN
California cager : LAKER
Painter Magritte : RENE
Tough test : ORAL
Disney princess from Avalor : ELENA
Neverland pirate : SMEE
Binged (on), as junk food : ODED
Took off : WENT
Wise words : SAWS
Eight, in 14-Down : OCHO
Dry as dust : ARID
90-year-old mint : PEZ
Rhododendron variety : AZALEA
Short title for Lee : GENL
Bits of work : ERGS
Old-fashioned do? : DOST
Ivy, e.g.: Abbr. : SCH
Woodworking tools : CHISELS
1-Across plot staple : AMNESIA
Roman wrap : TOGA
Sevillian soy? : IAM
See 2-Down : SPANISH
Places to see studs : LOBES
On one’s own : ALONE
Like the designated driver, by design : SOBER
Gymnast Kerri who performed an iconic vault in the 1996 Olympics : STRUG
Uncivilized : BARBARIC
Sarcophagus symbol : ANKH
Grain appendage : ARISTA
NBA’s Hawks, on scoreboards : ATL
Avoided on the job : SHIRKED
“__ Grows in Brooklyn” : ATREE
Coll. football’s Seminoles : FSU
“Alas!” : OHME
Toss from office : OUST
Calculator feature, for short : LCD
First name in Norse navigators : LEIF
Half an approval : HEAR
Twisted : GNARLED
1978 Broadway jazz revue : EUBIE
Tease : TAUNT
First of the second nine : TENTH
Switch positions : ONS
Clean and then some : STERILE
Cold War concern : HBOMB
Much : FAR
Mentalist Geller : URI
Selassie worshiper : RASTA
Put a price on a flight? : SETBAIL
High-end hotel amenity : BIDET
Sussex smell : ODOUR
Logical opening? : NEURO
1988 Ryan/Quaid remake : DOA
Short lines at the register? : UPC
Two-piece suits : BIKINIS
Where to see a wake : AFT
Still-life fruit, perhaps : REDAPPLE
“Ghost Town” (2008) actress : LEONI
Almost a ringer : LEANER
“Joy of Cooking” writer Rombauer : IRMA
You and me, say : PAIR
Seriously overcharge : SOAK
End of a threat : ELSE
“Brat Farrar” novelist : TEY
Saturn drivers? : ETS
Deflategate concern : PIGSKIN
Ring duo : TAGTEAM
Had dessert, in a way : ATECAKE
Itinerary word : VIA
Frontier protection : FORT
Polecat cousin : OTTER
Looked to be : SEEMED
Polecat cousin : SABLE
It clicks open : EMAIL
Watch again, as a movie : RESEE
Hogwarts messengers : OWLS
Start to bat? : ACRO
’60s TV talking animal : MRED
Go for the gold : MINE
Fabled favorite : HARE
Politico Bayh : EVAN
Dripping sandwich, maybe : MELT
Bambi’s aunt : ENA
Symbol of peace : VEE
“That’s really something!” : WOW

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