LA Times Crossword October 30 2016 Answers

By | October 31, 2016

LA Times Crossword October 30 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, October 30, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 30 october 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 10/30/16 answers :
__ Coast : IVORY
__ Island : CONEY
__ la la! : OOH
__ tape : DUCT
__ this world : NOT OF
’60s-’70s teammate of Esposito : ORR
Above-ground, as a ski lift : AERIAL
Adjust, as a faulty stitch : RESEW
Andean stew veggie : OCA
Animator Bill and others : HANNAS
Anniversary celebration : JUBILEE
Ark units : TWOS
Art form with singing : OPERA
Bay, say : INLET
Before, to Byron : ERE
Ben-Hur, e.g : EPIC
Bill entry : CHARGE
Binge-watching site : DEN
Blvd. cousin : AVE
Budget competitor : ALAMO
Butter from a farm : RAM
Buzz : HUM
Carwash challenge : TAR
Casual jacket fabric : DENIM
Catcalls : JEERS
Chances. : ODDS
Choler : IRE
Clear : ERASE
Common teen phase : ANGST
Conjure up : EVOKE
Curtain fabric : SCRIM
D.C. bigwigs : POLS
Daycare banes : BRATS
Declares : AVERS
Donald, to Dewey : UNCA
Dracula’s favorite fruit? : NECKTARINE (sounds like “nectarine”)
Dracula’s least favorite lunch? : STAKE SANDWICH (sounds like “steak sandwich”)
Emulated Paul Bunyan : HEWED
Eponymous comet tracker : HALLEY
Equinox mo : MAR
Evening reception : SOIREE
Failure : BUST
Fiber source : BRAN
Firstborn : ELDEST
French vineyard : CRU
Front man? : MEDIC
Futuristic 2009 James Cameron film : AVATAR
Ghosts’ car safety devices? : SHEET BELTS (sounds like “seat belts”)
Golf scorecard number : PAR
Golfer’s concern : HOOK
Heaven Can Wait character : ANGEL
Help with money, perhaps : DONATE
Iconic WWII island, familiarly : IWO
In vitro cells : OVA
Just to See You Smile country singer : MCGRAW
Kia model : RIO
LAX info : ETA
Lennon’s lady : ONO
Like 62-Across : SASSY
Lumps : CLODS
Many Manets : OILS
Meant to lose : THREW
Messed up : ERRED
Minnelli movie musical : CABARET
Mole, maybe : SPY
Monsters’ cookie-selling group? : GHOUL SCOUTS (sounds like “girl scout”)
Monster’s daily newspaper reading? : HORRORSCOPE (sounds like “horoscope”)
Monster’s favorite cereal? : SCREAM OF WHEAT (sounds like “Cream of Wheat”)
More pleasant : NICER
More sick : ILLER
More spicy : HOTTER
Mosaic artist : TILER
Most lucid : SANEST
Move obliquely : SIDLE
Muffin man : THOMAS
Negligent. : REMISS
Odometer control : RESET
Officejet Pro printers : HPS
One of five inhabited U.S. entities : TERR
One on a drive : HERDER
One usually has six sides : DIE
One with an instruction manual : USER
One-horse carriage : SHAY
Origin : ROOT
Outfit at the track : SILKS
Overrun with crabgrass : WEEDY
Pacific relative of the Canada goose : NENE
Pan in the air : PETER
Part of Hispaniola : HAITI
Perched on : ATOP
Place for afternoon refreshment : TEAROOM
Pompous gait : STRUT
Port feature : WATERWAY
Prickle : THORN
Quicken Loans, for one : ARENA
Real estate sale : ACRE
Reason : CAUSE
Relatives of hems : HAWS
Retreat : OASIS
Retreats : LAIRS
River through Orsk : URAL
Road hog? : HARLEY
Saharan : SERE
Salon job : PERM
Saunters : MOSEYS
Seed covering : ARIL
Shin-related : TIBIAL
Similar to : LIKE
Slippery __ : ELM
Smidgen : OUNCE
Smidgen : BIT
Southern cuisine staple : PONE
Spanish appetizers : TAPAS
Spanish ayes : SI SI
Spanish noble : HIDALGO
Speck of dust : MOTE
Sprang up : AROSE
State of rest : REPOSE
Stopped wafflin : CHOSE
Story : YARN
Symbols of wisdom : OWLS
Taught to submit : TAMED
The Sierra Nevada’s Mount __ : MUIR
Till bill : ONE
Tool with a blade : SHOVEL
Top-rated : PRIMO
Transpose, say : MISTYPE
Troubles : WOES
U.N. workers’ gp : ILO
UFO-tracking org : SETI
Unawares : ABACK
Unit in a gym : REP
Ventricular contraction : SYSTOLE
Viscount’s superior : EARL
Wall Street debacle : CRASH
Wall Street headlines : MERGERS
Warty amphibians : TOADS
Whale group : 1GAM
Where werewolves seek stardom? : HOWLLYWOOD (sounds like “Hollywood”)
Witches living together? : BROOM MATES (sounds like “roommates”)
Works at a gallery : ART
World __ : SERIES

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