LA Times Crossword October 29 2017 Answers

By | October 29, 2017

LA Times Crossword October 29 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, october 29, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 29 october 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 10/29/17 answers :
Choir voice : ALTO
Van Gogh setting : ARLES
They might be hatched : PLOTS
Jazz trumpeter Jones : THAD
Collectible fossil : SHARKTOOTH
Sound : AUDIO
Hamburger man : HERR
A few bars in the West? : SANDIEGOSONGIDEA
First name in household humor : ERMA
“Don’t __” : ASK
Twinkle __: Skechers brand : TOES
The palm and olive of Palmolive : OILS
Reason to use litmus paper : PHTEST
Rubber? : MASSEUR
iPad model : MINI
Lumber mill fixtures : RIPSAWS
Gallery works : ART
Ticketholder’s entitlement in the Southwest? : SANTAFEFANSEAT
Helps plan a job, maybe : ABETS
Cry of exasperation : AARGH
Crushed, as a test : ACED
Priestly garment : ALB
Hot : SEXY
Puma competitor : AVIA
Place to get off: Abbr. : STA
Horse fathers : SIRES
Stage handles in the West? : SACRAMENTOACTORNAMES
Wearer of a “Y” sweatshirt : ELI
Feathered indoor flier : DART
Less contaminated : PURER
Nabokov novel : ADA
Pot cover : TEACOZY
Saturn’s largest moon : TITAN
Media holder : DVDCASE
“I’m close to winning!” game cry : UNO
“__ what?”: “What next?” : SONOW
Capsizing deterrent : KEEL
Frat house “H” : ETA
Complex papers for a pad in the West? : LOSANGELESLONGLEASES
First of 12 popes : PIUSI
Ref. updated quarterly : OED
Dress like, for the costume party : GOAS
“High-__!” : FIVE
Mtn. stat : ALT
Wee : ITTY
Matches a bet : CALLS
Social conventions : MORES
Do stuff in the Southeast? : RALEIGHHAIRGEL
Old Prizm maker : GEO
Yoga move named for a pet : CATPOSE
Trading post wares : FURS
Colonist : SETTLER
Summer line : ITSHOT
Extended rental? : LIMO
Fancy cracker spread : PATE
Flurry : ADO
Actress Moreno : RITA
Heavyweights in the Midwest? : COLUMBUSSUMOCLUB
Eclipse, maybe : OMEN
Aardwolf relative : HYENA
Daytona 500, e.g. : NASCARRACE
Give up : CEDE
Test for purity : ASSAY
Lavished attention (on) : DOTED
Wasn’t square with : OWED
Indian state bordering Bangladesh : ASSAM
Two-mile-high capital : LHASA
Loses on purpose : TANKS
Chicago airport code : ORD
Dined at a restaurant, say : ATEOUT
“Copy that” : ROGER
Heads of Parliament? : LOOS
Sci-fi staples : ETS
Driving away : SHOOING
“Without a Trace” actor Anthony La__ : PAGLIA
Wilder’s “The Bridge of San __ Rey” : LUIS
Unmatched : ODD
Make, as a knot : TIE
S.O.S, for one : SOAPPAD
Sorority letters : THETAS
“This is our stop” : HEREWEARE
Weaponry transfers : ARMSSALES
“Darn it!” : DRAT
Writers of bad checks : KITERS
Inning often not finished : NINTH
QVC competitor : HSN
Mythical forest flutist : SATYR
Corday victim : MARAT
Parish head : RECTOR
Lead-in to bad news : IFEAR
Epitome of virtue : SAINT
Buckle or button : FASTEN
NCAA Final Four broadcaster : TBS
Selling point : ASSET
Bluesy Memphis street : BEALE
No longer working for The Company : EXCIA
Animator Tex : AVERY
Online retail giant : AMAZON
Seat at the racetrack : SADDLE
Apple since 1998 : IMAC
God, in Hebrew : ADONAI
Sound off : OPINE
Rush hour glut : AUTOS
Rush hour pace : CRAWL
Fleshy “buttons” : NAVELS
Talk a blue streak? : CUSS
“Ha! I was right!” : TOLDYA
Painter of ballerinas : DEGAS
Norse pantheon : AESIR
Jobs in the tech industry : STEVE
Soothes : EASES
Round mound : KNOLL
1928 Gary Cooper romance in which a bouquet plays a vital role : LILACTIME
Went longer than : OUTLASTED
Invaders of ancient Rome : GOTHS
More than checks out : OGLES
In progress : AFOOT
What one never is on a golf course : PAR
Prankster’s cry : IGOTCHA
Only speck of food the Grinch left in each Who’s house : CRUMB
Beached : AGROUND
Shower component : METEOR
Flammable gas : ETHANE
NYSE news : IPO
“Let me just interject … “ : IFIMAY
Blow a gasket : GETMAD
Hooch : SAUCE
Old NBC legal drama : LALAW
Draw forth : EDUCE
Covered in court : ROBED
__-Z: classic Camaro : IROC
Moon goddess : LUNA
Vocal nudge : PSST
Yiddish laments : OYS
French article : LES
__ Paulo : SAO
HUN neighbor, to the IOC : CRO

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