LA Times Crossword October 22 2017 Answers

By | October 22, 2017

LA Times Crossword October 22 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, october 22, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 22 october 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 10/22/17 answers :
“Take __!” : THAT
Follower of Zeno : STOIC
Revelatory moments : AHAS
Concert site : HALL
Gives a shine to : WAXES
Conveyor connected to a pump : AORTA
Norse trickster : LOKI
Mayberry redhead : OPIE
Result of failing to catch a wascally wabbit? : ELMERSGLOOM
Viral video about Dre’s headphones? : BEATSMEME
Ultimate : EVENTUAL
Barak of Israel : EHUD
Victim of Casca : CAESAR
Litany from a lying perp : DENIALS
Pasta wheat : DURUM
Ad hoc gp. : COMM
ISP alternative : DSL
“C’mon, bro!” : AWMAN
Landlocked African land : ZIMBABWE
“Are not!” evoker : AMSO
Holiday seasons : YULES
Underwater stabilizer : KEEL
Embellish : ADORN
Tops off : FILLS
Zip : NIL
Seriously hurt : MAIM
StubHub parent company : EBAY
Young Darth’s nickname : ANI
“I’m the best on the runway,” e.g.? : MODELINGCLAIM
Hang-thread link : BYA
Inviting words : COMEONIN
Risk it : DARE
Like some R-rated films : RACY
Took an arduous trip : TREKKED
“Sexy” Beatles woman : SADIE
Pathetic : PITIFUL
Walk obediently : HEEL
Biceps exercise : CHIN
“You’re not done talking, are you?” : WHATELSE
Soccer phenom Freddy : ADU
Herb served only on trains? : RAILROADTHYME
Wore (away) : ATE
NASA vehicles : LEMS
Court entry : PLEA
Barrel contents : OIL
Any of three Ottoman sultans : AHMED
Beef recall cause : ECOLI
Poetic foot : IAMB
Mideast capital at 7,380 feet : SANAA
Hefty refs. : OEDS
Toyota compacts : COROLLAS
Somewhat high : TIPSY
Not cloudy: Abbr. : CLR
Tidy the garden, in a way : WEED
Charge : RUNAT
It precedes some hockey games : OCANADA
Creativity result : OUTPUT
Hall of Fame catcher Carlton : FISK
Sweater type : CARDIGAN
Floral stench? : BLOOMFUNK
Poor prompt to a friend who’s been asked what the capital of Alaska is? : JUSTSAYNOME
A risk might be taken on one : LARK
Rickey flavoring : LIME
__ nous : ENTRE
Half a ’60s-’70s pop duo : SONNY
Poker game starter : ANTE
2000, for one : YEAR
Poker game betrayals : TELLS
Where Nike has no “i,” briefly : NYSE
Suit material : TWEED
Cut in two : HALVE
Corporate heavies : AXMEN
Young star : TEENIDOL
They go on for generations : SAGAS
Turnpike fee : TOLL
Medalla de victor : ORO
Skater Midori : ITO
Smartphone feature : CAMERA
“Dark Sky Island,” e.g. : ALBUM
Did some gardening : HOED
Alias preceder : AKA
Without ads, it’s usually about 21 or 22 minutes : SITCOM
Like much jam : HOMEMADE
Copies : APES
__ bean : LIMA
Inappropriate look : LEER
Sp. lasses : SRTAS
2016 film subtitled “Miracle on the Hudson” : SULLY
Latin dance : SAMBA
Eye-opener at the gym : HUNK
Live : DWELL
Uncertain sounds : UMS
Eyelashes : CILIA
Not from around here : ALIEN
Enthusiasm : ZEAL
British cop’s heartthrob? : BOBBYFLAME
“King Kong” (1933) actress : WRAY
“Dark Sky Island” musician : ENYA
“It’s __!”: “True!” : AFACT
Bouncer’s concern : MINOR
Some “Ghostbusters” jokes? : SLIMEHUMOR
Reversed : UNDID
Host : EMCEE
Barbecue equipment using wood : SMOKER
Sister of Moses : MIRIAM
Swimmer’s unit : ONELAP
Panhandle state : IDAHO
Gymnast Comaneci : NADIA
Tedious work : GRIND
Kathy of country : MATTEA
Barely get, with “out” : EKE
Co. in Cannes : CIE
“Get lost!” : SCRAM
Kingdom subdivisions : PHYLA
“¿Cómo está __?” : USTED
__ United: English soccer team : LEEDS
Sniveling : WHINY
Smart guy? : ALEC
Art __ : DECO
Homeric epic : ILIAD
Beethoven strolled in them for inspiration : LEAS
Done for : TOAST
Highway hazard : SLOWPOKE
Interfere with : HORNINON
Intestinal section : ILEUM
A/C measure : BTUS
Day or nail follower : SPA
West African capital : ACCRA
Uncork, so to speak : LETFLY
Laser alternative : INKJET
__ man : LADYS
“Star Trek: TNG” first officer : RIKER
Refreshment spots : OASES
Extreme pain : AGONY
Condemns : DAMNS
In the blink of __ : ANEYE
Beatles nonsense syllables : OBLA
__ Bator : ULAN
Battery, e.g. : TORT
Low-cost home loan org. : FNMA
Bottom row PC key : CTRL
Turn often prohibited, slangily : UIE
French article : UNE
Home of the NHL’s Blues : STL

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