LA Times Crossword May 28 2017 Answers

By | May 28, 2017

LA Times Crossword May 28 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, May 28, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 28 may 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 5/28/17 answers :
Bambinos : TOTS
Kaput : SHOT
Workout set : REPS
Emergency : PINCH
Plugging away : ATIT
Show impatience : SIGH
Go off : ERUPT
End of __ : ANERA
Poem title following “Gin a body meet a body” : COMINTHROTHERYE
Three-star mil. officer : LTGEN
Nancy Drew series author : KEENE
Hawk’s home : AERIE
Read carefully (over) : PORE
Like many Ariz. residents : RETD
Retained : KEPT
Brahms and Clara Schumann, by most accounts : PLATONICLOVES
Film noir hat : FEDORA
Underground systems : METROS
Indian author Santha Rama __ : RAU
What may replace you? : ONE
Gp. with arms : NRA
MS. enclosures : SAES
Optimistic : UPBEAT
Paid informants : NEWSAGENCIES
No longer used : OBSOLETE
Replaceable tire part : TREAD
Privy to : INON
Early U.S.’s Northwest __ : TERR
One with convictions : FELON
Oil source : SOYBEAN
Chopper : AXE
Modernists, for short : NEOS
Pose : SIT
Yank’s foe : REB
Sticky situation : MESS
Madre’s hermana : TIA
House-warming buys : HEATERS
Film with a saloon : OATER
Brood : STEW
Actress Kunis : MILA
Fellow “I can’t be torn apart from,” in a 1964 #1 hit : MYGUY
Mona Lisa, e.g. : BRUNETTE
Dietitian’s recommendations : HEALTHYMEALS
GM navigation system : ONSTAR
Give off : EMIT
Retired NBA big man Ming : YAO
Solstice mo. : DEC
Flamenco shout : OLE
1987 Beatty/Hoffman flop : ISHTAR
Demands it : SAYSSO
Hospital emergency units : TRAUMACENTERS
Gillette Mach3 predecessor : ATRA
One who’d like to forget, maybe : RUER
Takeout : TOGO
Lured (in) : ROPED
Earthy pigment : UMBER
Mideast ruling family name : ASSAD
In danger of being towed : PARKEDILLEGALLY
Cheap cigar : STOGY
Company name that aptly begins with a periodic table symbol : ALCOA
It meant nothing to Ravel : RIEN
Descriptive dance : HULA
Really pushes : HYPES
Lester’s bluegrass partner : EARL
Head set? : EARS
Memphis middle name : ARON
Epitome of sharpness : TACK
Platte River people : OTOE
What’s up at the end of an exam? : TIME
Snockered : STINKO
Droop-nosed flier : SST
Cymbals with a foot pedal : HIHAT
Brute : OGRE
1912 Olympic legend : THORPE
Practice lines : REHEARSE
Before, poetically : ERE
Watch using bugs : SPYON
Good buddy : PAL
Needing assistance, maybe : INTROUBLE
More than half of Israel : NEGEV
Whence Icarus fled : CRETE
Poker holdings : HANDS
Garr of “Young Frankenstein” : TERI
__-do-well : NEER
Pinball problem : TILT
Tan shades : ECRUS
Stabbing feeling : PANG
Wedding reception highlight : TOAST
__ luxury : LAPOF
Typeface choices : FONTS
Diciembre follower : ENERO
1944 loser to FDR : DEWEY
“Death in Venice” author : MANN
Put back into the company, as profits : REINVEST
More painful : SORER
Congers : EELS
French possessive : ATOI
Clearing house? : TENT
“A Tiger Walks” star : SABU
Yemeni seaport : ADEN
Sandpaper descriptor : COARSE
“What You Need” rockers : INXS
Hullabaloo : BROUHAHA
Involve : ENTAIL
Draw a bead on, with “at” : AIM
Chow down : EAT
Fr. holy woman : STE
First name in skin care : ESTEE
Andean capital : LIMA
Founding member of pro soccer’s Washington Freedom : HAMM
Eye sore : STYE
“__Cop” : ROBO
Bring in : EARN
A/C units : BTUS
“Zounds!” : EGADS
Makes a judicial decision : RULES
Food service giant : SYSCO
Kingdom : REALM
Bridge ancestor : WHIST
Space travel meas. : LTYR
Spring for lunch, say : TREAT
Otherworldly : ETHEREAL
Royals manager Ned : YOST
One of the Balearic Islands : MINORCA
Stepped (on) : TROD
Seek ambitiously : ASPIRE
Cut __: dance, in old slang : ARUG
Steinway competitor : YAMAHA
Pan, in filmdom : TRASH
Impaired from disuse : RUSTY
Legendary fabulist : AESOP
Nightclub of song : COPA
The same, in Paris : EGALE
Holmes adversary Irene : ADLER
Director Kazan : ELIA
Run together : BLUR
Eliza’s greeting : ELLO
House Speaker after Boehner : RYAN
Prefix with functional : DYS
Yellow Sea peninsula: Abbr. : KOR
Nav. rank : ENS

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