LA Times Crossword May 21 2017 Answers

By | May 21, 2017

LA Times Crossword May 21 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, May 21, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 21 may 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 5/21/17 answers :
Library attention-getter : PSST
Secretly kept in the message loop, for short : BCCED
Prior president who swore in two subsequent presidents : TAFT
Spicy : RACY
Trick : DUPE
NutraSweet developer : SEARLE
Donor drive target : ALUM
Penne __ vodka : ALLA
Check for doneness? : FEELTHEMEAT
Drama written in code? : MORSEPLAY
Tylenol result, ideally : RELIEF
Juice-and-fish-broth product : CLAMATO
Weather Channel concern : STORM
Brown on a shelf : DAN
USC, for one : SCH
Like most cheeseburgers : CALORIC
Teeny tiny : WEE
President’s daily delivery? : MAILTOTHECHIEF
Poppycock : ROT
IMF division?: Abbr. : INTL
Vintage vehicle : REO
It helps you focus : LENS
Bronco’s bailiwick : CORRAL
“The Simpsons” disco devotee : STU
Chew the fat : JAW
Wish were here : MISS
North Pole yoga need? : SANTAMAT
Universe of Energy locale : EPCOT
Cell dweller : CON
Having a kick : TANGY
Preventative power : VETO
Foam finger number : ONE
“That hurts!” : OUCH
The end of its name is also its natl. airline : UAE
Scout rider : TONTO
Yoga position : ASANA
Iditarod trainee? : MUSHPUPPY
Mayflower notable : ALDEN
Waits for an agent, maybe : HOLDS
The __ Store : UPS
Minor tiff : SPAT
It’s only make-believe : ACT
“That’s clear” : ISEE
Plants of immortality, to ancient Egyptians : ALOES
God in the Vatican : DIO
SeaWorld performer : SHAMU
Ace accountant : TAXMAVEN
Lab gel : AGAR
Grafton’s “__ for Burglar” : BIS
Usually single-stranded molecule : RNA
Twists, e.g. : DANCES
Scheme : PLOT
Had the most points : LED
Short cut : SNIP
Sun. speech : SER
Cat’s tail, maybe? : MOUSEDETECTIVE
Sharp criticism : JAB
Rulers in a line : DYNASTS
You can’t live without it : AIR
Tolkien monster : ORC
Taste enhanced by shrimp paste : UMAMI
Make more than : OUTEARN
Joined forces : ALLIED
Spy with a sweet tooth? : DONUTMOLE
Burrower servicing borrowers? : MONEYBADGER
Sea once home to 1,100-plus islands : ARAL
Dell operator : USER
Chews the scenery : EMOTES
Milan moolah : EURO
Bear’s advice : SELL
Pharmacy pickups : MEDS
Big Pharma dept. : RANDD
Aligned, with “in” : SYNC
Sharable doc format : PDF
Court figure : SUER
“C’mon, let’s go!” : SPEEDITUP
Like revealing memoirs : TELLALL
Hearty comfort food : BEEFSTEW
Short filmmaker? : CAM
Exhibit with a baby : CRECHE
Its logo contains Hebrew letters : ELAL
Separates : DETACHES
Wrapped Mexican fare : TAMALES
Public outcry : FUROR
Corp. symbols : TMS
Mesmerized : RAPT
Give the green light : ALLOW
Limerick neighbor : CLARE
“I did it!” : YAYME
Pronoun for a skiff : SHE
Salon treatment : TINT
Accompanist? : ESCORT
Common town ctr. : MAINST
John of “Star Trek” (2009) : CHO
Twist in a tale : IRONY
Wrong at the start? : MIS
Certain entrance fee : ANTE
Speak : ORATE
Assure : CLINCH
John of “Hairspray” (2007) : TRAVOLTA
Shrewd : CAGEY
Change, as a will : AMEND
Foamy eye-opener : LATTE
First name in virology : JONAS
Mop tamer : MOUSSE
Acknowledge the general : SNAPTO
Tom or Jerry : TOON
Denounces : CONDEMNS
“Off” is often printed on one : COUPON
Live-in nanny : AUPAIR
LaserJet printers : HPS
Dash gauges : TACHS
Words after make or take : AHIT
“That’s a shame” : SOSAD
Siri’s Amazon counterpart : ALEXA
Grand Canyon rentals : MULES
Computer download : UPDATE
Lines for an audience : ASIDE
Big name in labels : AVERY
Acknowledge the general : SALUTE
One who may cease to exist when underappreciated? : MRNICEGUY
USC part: Abbr. : UNIV
Nailed the test : ACEDIT
Filmy fabric : GOSSAMER
Backstabbed : BETRAYED
Jungle chest-beater : APE
Movie promoters : POSTERS
Floral ring : LEI
Progress : STRIDES
Treated very roughly : MAULED
Yoplait competitor : DANNON
Cuba libre ingredient : COLA
Biblical backstabber : JUDAS
Love, Italian-style : AMORE
Yawn-inducing : BANAL
Loop in a cattle drive : NOOSE
Think (over) : MULL
Arco de Constantino locale : ROMA
Versatile NFL defenders : LBS
“Nebraska” Oscar nominee : DERN
Tight-lipped : MUM
Weather-sensitive airport stat : ETD
Mythical bird : ROC

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