LA Times Crossword May 19 2017 Answers

By | May 19, 2017

LA Times Crossword May 19 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on friday, May 19, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword friday 19 may 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 5/19/17 answers :
1987 Michael Jackson album : BAD
Road where Mozart was born : STRASSE
Recurrent behavior : TIC
Henri’s here : ICI
Identify : POINTAT
“Bambi” doe : ENA
Aging hero Jones, in his latest film? : GRAYINDIANA
Sci-fi setting : LAB
“… let __ put asunder”: Matthew : NOMAN
Send out : EMIT
Island band The __ Men : BAHA
Shakespeare’s jet? : EBON
Pitt portraying Shakespeare? : BRADOFAVON
Acquires through cunning : WANGLES
Undefeated Ali : LAILA
Norm: Abbr. : STD
His, to Henri : ALUI
“John Wick” star : REEVES
Skill displayed at the gift counter? : WRAPSPEED
Fish-eating raptor : OSPREY
Sassy : PERT
Boorish sort : CAD
Sound : VALID
Where Mozart was born : AUSTRIA
Times when hokey humor prevailed? : ERASOFCORN
Loosen (up) : WARM
Storm : RANT
Settled on a branch : ALIT
Beatle ending : MANIA
Cakes go-with : ALE
Early stage of muffin production? : BRANRAISING
Decide not to stop : LET
Off one’s rocker : BONKERS
Vital statistic : AGE
Paul with guitars : LES
Landlord’s customers : LESSEES
Ergotamine derivative popular in the ’60s : LSD
Front page material : BIGNEWS
One seen in a ring : ACROBAT
One seen in a ring : DIAMOND
Short drive : SPIN
Lading measure : TON
Kentucky Derby call : RIDERSUP
Jungian concept : ANIMA
Solemn : STAID
Introduction to Domingo? : SANTO
Greek letter : ETA
Mediterranean metropolis : TELAVIV
Saddled with debt : INAHOLE
Seaside resort array : CABANAS
Half a philosophical duality : YANG
Called from the field : BAAED
Fasten, at sea : BELAY
Groups at sea : FLEETS
City on the Rio Grande : LAREDO
Net neutrality beneficiary: Abbr. : ISP
Any “Twilight Zone” episode, now : RERUN
Omega holder : WRIST
Part of a traditional holiday gift : PEARTREE
From one extreme to the other : OVERALL
Frozen dessert brand : SARALEE
Seven-movement Holst work that omits Earth, with “The” : PLANETS
Like the olfactory nerve, e.g. : CRANIAL
Television fare : AIRINGS
Flawed : DAMAGED
“__ brillig … “ : TWAS
Denmark’s __ Islands : FAROE
Highland groups : CLANS
Sounds from pens : OINKS
Pine for : MISS
OPEC unit : BBL
“… such stuff / As dreams __ made on”: Prospero : ARE

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