LA Times Crossword May 14 2017 Answers

By | May 14, 2017

LA Times Crossword May 14 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, May 14, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 14 may 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 5/14/17 answers :
“Ben-Hur” studio : MGM
“Double, double toil and trouble” time : ACTIV
“Fiddler” meddler : YENTE
“Good Eats” host Brown : ALTON
“In my opinion … “ : IDSAY
“Kisses, dahling” : MWAH
“La Boheme” role : MIMI
“MIB” characters : ETS
“Pronto!” : ASAP
“Really?!” : OHISTHATSO
“The Wreck of the Mary Deare” author Hammond __ : INNES
“Yikes!” : OHNO
__ bean : PINTO
__ Biscuit, product debut of 1912 : OREO
__ Pie : ESKIMO
50s-’60s sitcom nickname : BEAV
76-Down brand : RCA
Affaire de coeur : AMOUR
Antacid name since 1872 : MILKOFMAGNESIA
Antipasto fish : ANCHOVY
Apt time to recognize this puzzle’s honoree : MONTHOFMAY
Arranges strategically : DEPLOYS
Author Chomsky : NOAM
Baseball or football : TEAMSPORT
Beatles’ “White Album” song whose title follows “If you want me to” : IWILL
Beatnik’s “Gotcha” : IMHIP
Becloud : BLUR
Best Buy buy : HDTV
Bete __ : NOIRE
Biblical verb : DOTH
Big beef : FEUD
Bind, in a way : GLUE
Blush relative : ROUGE
Boater or bowler : HAT
Boredom : ENNUI
Brass, e.g. : ALLOY
Briefcase fastener : HASP
Caused by : DUETO
Certain bond, briefly : MUNI
Chicago exchange, briefly, with “the” : MERC
Clutter : MESS
Comics resident of the Okefenokee Swamp : POGO
Compact supplies : EYESHADOWS
Con : ANTI
Construction units : MODULES
Cost of living? : RENT
Creamy sauce : ALFREDO
Crux : HEART
Diva Te Kanawa : KIRI
Do wrong : SIN
Do-it-yourselfer’s buy : KIT
Drubbing : ROUT
Dummy Mortimer : SNERD
Duty : ONUS
Encounter stiff competition : MEETONESMATCH
Energize : KICKSTART
Exerciser’s accessory : GYMBAG
Familia girl : NINA
Fey in American Express ads : TINA
Fill with merchandise : STOCK
Gas across the border : ESSO
Greet with a beep : HONKAT
Harbinger : OMEN
Heave-ho : OUSTER
Heron cousin : IBIS
Highlander : GAEL
Hollywood Walk of Fame symbol : STAR
Imperfection : WART
Indian tourist city : AGRA
Invite to one’s loft, say : ASKUP
It’s on the house : ROOF
Jimmy on sausage labels : DEAN
Jones many keep up with? : DOW
Just like that : ASIS
K.T. of country music : OSLIN
Kid’s plea : CANI
Locks in a barn? : MANE
Maestro Solti : GEORG
Major pain : AGONY
Mandatory bet : ANTE
Map abbr. : AVE
Map feature : SCALE
McGregor of “Trainspotting” : EWAN
Medical research org. : NIH
Metro barrier : STILE
Modeled, say : WORE
Move, at Coldwell Banker : RELO
NASA nods : AOKS
NATO founding member : USA
Not as much : LESS
Novelist Seton : ANYA
Offer to pay : BID
On one’s game : INAGROOVE
One brought to a potluck : DISH
One digging hard rock? : MINER
One of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” : OLGA
One way to split : INTWO
Outstanding : OWED
Pac-12 team : UTES
Part of NATO: Abbr. : ORG
Ping-Pong shot : SMASH
Pond denizens : NEWTS
Prayer leaders : IMAMS
Progressive movement : MARCH
Reject : DENY
Remove : DETACH
Resort of a sort : SPA
Rich, and then some : MADEOFMONEY
Ripped off : STOLE
Rock genre : GLAM
Rubberneck : OGLER
Ruin, weatherwise : RAINON
Russian refusals : NYETS
Sharp group : MENSA
Simpson trial figure Kaelin : KATO
Slowly, in music : LENTO
Something to build on : SPEC
Stage award : OBIE
Stagger : REEL
Sun blocker : SMOG
Swerves : VEERS
Takes action : MAKESONESMOVE
Theme : MOTIF
This and this : THESE
Title of honor : SIR
Toughen : INURE
Toy, perhaps : LAPDOG
Transcript info : GPA
Trudges : SLOGS
Tycoon, e.g. : MANOFMEANS
Unyielding : SET
Venezia casino winner : SETTE
Wall builder : MASON
Website charge : ADFEE
What seems like forever : AGES
Where Anheuser-Busch is BUD : NYSE
Whiz : MAVEN
Word of possession : WHOSE
Words after “jolly” in an iconic ad : HOHOHO
X, at times : NUMERAL

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