LA Times Crossword July 4 2016 Answers

By | July 4, 2016

LA Times Crossword July 4 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on monday, July 4, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword monday 4 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/4/16 answers :
“Don’t Be Cruel” singer : ELVIS
“If all __ fails … ” : ELSE
“None of the above” choice : OTHER
“Present!” : HERE
“What have I gotten myself __?” : INTO
“__ Misérables” : LES
Austrian “a” : EIN
Bandstand boosters : AMPS
Bring in from the fields : REAP
Checkpoint requirements: Abbr : IDS
Chin indentation : CLEFT
Coin-operated kiddie ride : MECHANICALHORSE
Conduct, in report card comments : BEHAVIOR
Cries from successful solvers : AHAS
Curly-horned goat : IBEX
Delta rival: Abbr : UAL
Detachment of fighter jets : SQUADRON
English class topic : USAGE
Explore eBay : SHOP
Figure skating leap : AXEL
Fleecy farm females : EWES
Flipped during frying, as eggs : OVEREASY
Flu symptom : AGUE
Folksy Guthrie : ARLO
GI show gp : USO
Golden St. campus : UCLA
Hard to believe : UNREAL
In a bit : SOON
Like shiny shoes : POLISHED
Love, in Rome : AMORE
Magazine you can read forward and backward? : ELLE
Medal of Honor recipients : HEROES
Multinational military alliance : COALITIONFORCE
Nasty cut : GASH
NBA great Shaquille : ONEAL
Novelist Hunter : EVAN
Out of danger : SAFE
Out of the wind : ALEE
Outstanding credit : DEBT
Pest control target : ROACH
PIN requester : ATM
Pop singer Diamond : NEIL
Pre-exam review session : REFRESHERCOURSE
Prepare to propose : KNEEL
Puts into words : SAYS
Reporter’s trustworthy contact : RELIABLESOURCE
Room-filling computer unveiled in 1946 : ENIAC
Sacred wading bird of ancient Egypt : IBIS
Satisfied sounds : AAHS
Search for : SEEK
Shabby : SEEDY
Simpson trial judge : ITO
Soda __: fountain worker : JERK
Son of God, in a Bach cantata : JESU
Sounds of thunder : CLAPS
Spin docs : PRMEN
Sprinkled widely : STREWN
State firmly : AVER
Subtle glow : AURA
Summit : ACME
Tampa-to-Palm Beach dir : ESE
Tel __, Israel : AVIV
Tens and twenties : CASH
The devil : SATAN
Tied, as a score : EVEN
Tiny time meas : PSEC
Transfer, as computer data : UPLOAD
Unidentified flying radar blips : BOGIES
Use an acetylene torch on : WELD
Vague quantity : ANY
Vintage roadster : REO
Weather map “L” : LOW
Where boats tie up : DOCK
Words before “Happy New Year!” : TWOONE
__ d’Alene, Idaho : COEUR
__ Valley, Calif.: 1960 Winter Olympics site : SQUAW

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Use the cheats above to solve the crossword puzzle word for LA Times Crossword july 4 2016. See you tomorrow for LA Times Crossword Answers July 5, 2016 Cheers 🙂