LA Times Crossword July 3 2017 Answers

By | July 3, 2017

LA Times Crossword July 3 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on monday, July 3, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword monday 3 july 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/3/17 answers :
“Hometown Proud” market chain : IGA
First-string squad : ATEAM
Actor McGregor : EWAN
Election Day mo. : NOV
“Lord Jim” author Joseph : CONRAD
Field-plowing site : FARM
Law of the jungle, in the Old West : FRONTIERJUSTICE
Freezer cubes : ICE
Top-notch : AONE
Texter’s gratitude : THX
1867 territorial acquisition dubbed “Seward’s Folly” : ALASKAPURCHASE
Old King Cole was a merry one : OLDSOUL
Reason for unbalanced books : ERROR
Southeast Asian language : LAO
__ hasty retreat : BEATA
Walk-__: bit parts : ONS
1973 Helen Reddy chart-topper : DELTADAWN
CBS forensic series : CSI
African virus : EBOLA
ID on an auto title : VIN
Causes pain : HURTS
Refreshing break : RESPITE
Melted yellow square on a burger : AMERICANCHEESE
“Let me think … “ : HMM
Smell : ODOR
U.S. intelligence org. : NSA
R. Kelly hit whose last title word is aptly rhymed with “sky” in the lyrics … and a hint to the starts of the other four longest puzzle answers : IBELIEVEICANFLY
Extremely : VERY
On __ knee: kneeling : BENDED
Suffix with human : OID
Celtic language : ERSE
Pulled into piles, as leaves : RAKED
Hi-__ graphics : RES
With one flat, musically : INF
Largest living primate : GORILLA
Guacamole fruit : AVOCADO
Perform on stage : ACT
You, to Yves : TOI
Opposite of WSW : ENE
Pianist Claudio : ARRAU
College focus : MAJOR
Little newt : EFT
Serves food to : WAITSON
Bow-and-arrow wielders : ARCHERS
Santa Fe’s st. : NMEX
Dummy : DUNCE
Monster’s loch : NESS
61-Across: Ger. : SEHR
“You’ve Got Mail” ISP : AOL
NBA great Bryant : KOBE
“The Clan of the Cave Bear” author Jean : AUEL
Place setting disc : PLATE
Elvis __ Presley : ARON
Bill with cocktails : TAB
Decorate : ADORN
Like desperate circumstances : DIRE
Baldwin of “30 Rock” : ALEC
Laundry : WASH
__ of commerce : CHAMBER
Hot seasons : SUMMERS
Competes to get : VIESFOR
“That’s not true!” : ITSALIE
Bridal bio word : NEE
“Star Trek: T.N.G.” counselor : TROI
Flip of a hit single : SIDEB
Teller’s comedy partner : PENN
Tarp, e.g. : COVER
Hockey venue : ARENA
Bee home : HIVE
Soapmaking supply : LYE
“Beats me,” in texts : IDK
Mediocre grade : CEE
Tack on, as tax : ADD
Golf hole meas. : YDS

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Use the cheats above to solve the crossword puzzle word for LA Times Crossword July 3 2017. See you tomorrow for LA Times Crossword Answers July 4, 2017 Cheers 🙂