LA Times Crossword July 3 2016 Answers

By | July 3, 2016

LA Times Crossword July 3 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, July 3, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 3 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/3/16 answers :
“… your laments, / Wherewith you now __ King Henry’s hearse”: Shak : BEDEW
“Monday Night Football” airer : ESPN
“Rule Britannia” composer : ARNE
“The Swiss Family Robinson” author : WYSS
“VoilГ !” : THERE
“We agree completely!” : AMEN
“Ya __ believe!”: 1973 Mets catchphrase : GOTTA
“Zeus and the Tortoise” storyteller : AESOP
119-Across, since 2013 : ALER
1968 #1 hit with a four-minute coda : HEYJUDE
52-Down cell : SPORE
A kind of one appears in this puzzle’s seven longest answers : SAW
Air pressure meas : PSI
An article may be written on it : SPEC
Army E-7s : SFCS
Artist with the album “25” : ADELE
Attack with, as insults : HURL
Author Calvino : ITALO
Avoid : SHUN
Away : NOTIN
Back : FUND
Baltic port : RIGA
Barfly : SOT
Begging the question : CIRCULARLOGIC
Beyond belief : UNREAL
Big time : ERA
Brand that evolved from Standard Oil of Indiana : AMOCO
Brewer’s kiln : OAST
Breyers shelfmate : EDYS
Bummed : MOOCHED
Busy as __ : ABEE
Carnival stop : ISLE
Cedar Rapids college : COE
Certain language unit : SIGN
Chesapeake delicacy : CRAB
Chocolate bites : KISSES
Clobbered, old-style : SMOTE
Coca-Cola brand : FRESCA
Dealt with a squeak : OILED
Despicable character : CUR
Diner and sleeper : CARS
Distorts : SKEWS
Dog seller : DELI
Domino effect : CHAINREACTION
Dream Team org : USOC
Drops back : EBBS
Dvorák’s “__ World Symphony” : NEW
Falco of “The Sopranos” : EDIE
Fence crossings : STILES
Forthwith : DIRECTLY
Forum attire : TOGA
French school : ECOLE
Gale’s 40, on the Beaufort scale : KNOTS
Handles the intros : EMCEES
Hard to spot : FAINT
Hill builders : ANTS
Houston player, to fans : STRO
It beat out Madrid as host city for the 2016 Olympics : RIO
It will get you a hand : ANTE
Its atomic number is 10 : NEON
Ladder units : RUNGS
Lady lobster : HEN
Let go, with “off” : LAID
Like granola bars : OATY
Like so : THUS
Look up to : ADMIRE
Loves a bunch : ADORES
Maidenhair, e.g : FERN
Make a decision : CHOOSE
Many nonvoters : MINORS
Midday refresher : NAP
Clues : Answers
Mine vehicles : TRAMS
Misery : ANGUISH
MLB line score letters : RHE
Montand of cinema : YVES
More than an idea : CONCRETEOBJECT
Mouse feature : SCROLLWHEEL
Music in a shell : BANDCONCERT
Nashville-to-Louisville dir : NNE
Needles : TEASES
Nettled : VEXED
Nine-time Grand Slam singles champ : SELES
Not bamboozled by : ONTO
Not effective : FUTILE
Note-to-self paper : SCRAP
Numerical prefix : OCTA
Old hand : PRO
Olympic sport since 1988 : TABLETENNIS
Operate with a beam : LASE
ORD, on luggage tags : OHARE
Organ with a drum : EAR
Outlying mail rte : RFD
Paraplegic “Glee” teen : ARTIE
Pay attention to : HEED
Penzance pad : FLAT
Permanently mark : ETCH
Point toward : AIMAT
Prefix with byte : GIGA
Prove untrustworthy, in a way : BLAB
Provides a false alibi for : ABETS
Puccini heroine : TOSCA
Pulitzer-winning WWII journalist : PYLE
Ranger of the ’50s : EDSEL
Rapper __ Wayne : LIL
Red options, briefly : CABS
Rene of “Nightcrawler” : RUSSO
Response to a doorbell : ILLGETIT
Rhyme writer’s Muse : ERATO
River in Hades : LETHE
Road or gang ending : STER
Rudely sarcastic : SNARKY
Rush drummer Neil : PEART
Salon indulgence : MANIPEDI
Sam of “Jurassic Park” films : NEILL
Short races : DASHES
Sickly : WAN
Sideline greeting : HIMOM
Site of Theban ruins : LUXOR
Skeptic : NAYSAYER
Sleep soundly? : SNORE
Some entryways : RAMPS
Something to deal with? : COPINGSTRATEGY
Sonoran flora : CACTI
Spread : STREW
Stand up to : DEFY
Steinbeck title place : EDEN
Sticking point? : CRAW
Strokes : PETS
Suffer : AIL
Swells : SURGES
Thought-out : REASONED
Tie the knot on the fly : ELOPE
Tracy Marrow’s stage name : ICET
Training guide? : RAIL
Trivialize : PLAYDOWN
Unisex wrap : SARONG
View from Catania : ETNA
Vitamin A form : RETINOL
Voting groups : BLOCS
West Point mascot : MULE
West Texas grassy plain : LLANO
Wilderness Road pioneer : BOONE
Wine bottle info : YEAR

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