LA Times Crossword July 24 2016 Answers

By | July 24, 2016

LA Times Crossword July 24 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, July 24, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 24 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/24/16 answers :
“Fat chance, Friedrich!” : NEIN
“Get it?” : SEE
“Ignore this change” : STET
“I’m an idiot!” : DOH
“Knock that off!” : STOP IT
“Love it!” : I LIKE
“Sorry about that” : MY BAD
“The Sound of Music” family name : TRAPP
“Yeah, right!” : I BET
“You got it!” : YES
#1 thriller on AFI’s “100 Years .. 100 Thrills” : PSYCHO
__-bodied : ABLE
2009 recession response : STIMULUS BILL
9-5 automaker : SAAB
Abbr. for an unfilled slot : TBA
Air rifle ammo : BBSHOT
Apple Store support station : GENIUS BAR
Architect Saarinen : EERO
Artemis’ twin brother : APOLLO
Assune as fact : POSIT
Aware of : INON
Baba or a boxer : ALI
Basilica recesses : APSES
Best Play, e.g. : ESPY
Bewhiskered test subject : LABRAT
Big bash : FETE
Blond shade : ASH
Bloomingdale’s rival : SAKS
Boiling state : IRE
Bowler’s edge : BRIM
Brightest star in Cygnus : DENEB
Caesar’s land : TERRA
Can’t stop loving : ADORE
Cartoon style : ANIME
Celcius, e.g. : SWEDE
Children’s advocate LeShan : EDA
Clapton classic : LAYLA
Close in : DRAW NEAR
Coliseum section : TIER
Colorful wrap : SERAPE
Contentious encounter : RUNIN
Cowboy singer Tex : RITTER
Crafts website : ETSY
Crib sheet user : BABY
Day after dimanche : LUNDI
Dealth __: devastated : A BLOW
Department of Commerce division : CENSUS BUREAU
Development areas : UTERI
Dig in : HAVE AT IT
Dockside activity : STOWING
E! Online subject : CELEB
Easy A, say : SNAP
Easygoing sort : TYPE B
Enclose, as livestock : PENIN
Eponymous explorer of the Aleutians : VITUS BERING
Extreme : ULTRA
Eye of __: “Macbeth” witches’ ingredient : NEWT
Fair : EXPO
First-year J.D. student : ONEL
Folk legend Joan : BAEZ
Gilette razor for women : VENUS BREEZE
Give the willies : CREEPOUT
Holy scroll : TORAH
Home of Velazquez’ “Las Meninas” : PRADO
Hotfooted it : RAN
Hustle : SCOOT
Incline to a higher level : SLOPE UP
Indian bread : NAAN
Its burning is a major source of Beijing smog : COAL
Itty-bitty bits : ATOMS
Jamaican spirits : RUMS
Kitten cry : MEWL
Let loose : UNTIE
Lifestyle website targeting female millennials : POPSUGAR
Like many a cause : LOST
Limber : AGILE
Lines at Walmart? : UPCS
Literally meaning “stick,” it’s the first word in a California city named for a 1,000-year-old redwood : PALO
Look good on : FIT
Lopsided win : ROMP
Lose it all : GO BROKE
Madhouse : ZOO
Madre’s hermanos : TIOS
Many a Sunday magazine : INSERT
Merged oil giant : MOBIL
Military bands : SASHES
Mischievous droid, familiarly : ARTOO
Mom in the woods : DOE
Morning hrs. : AMS
Morphine is one : OPIATE
Much-loved star : IDOL
Not something to kid about : SERIOUS BUSINESS
Oft-chewed item : FAT
Omaha Steaks Private Reserve product : ANGUS BEEF
One doing a bank job? : PERP
Paine and Hugo, philosphically : DEISTS
Palais des Nations locale : GENEVA
Parks on a bus : ROSA
Part of a preschool schedule : NAPTIME
Party headed by Netanyahu : LIKUD
PC connection found in this puzzle’s eight longest answers : USB
Periodontist’s org. : ADA
Peruvian pair : DOS
Pioneering computer : ENIAC
Place for a row : BOAT
Polygraph blips, perhaps : LIEs
Poorly paid workers : PEONS
Pop foursome formed in Stockholm : ABBA
Private place? : BASE
Prize administered by Columbia University : PULITZER
Protest topics: Abbr. : RTS
Puts to work : USES
Readily available : ONTAP
Regatta racer : SLOOP
Roam (about) : GAD
Ruinations : BANES
Sacred conviction : RELIGIOUS BELIEF
Sailor’s guardian : STELMO
Seamless changes : SEGUES
Shakespearean deceiver : IAGO
Shower with flowers, say : WOO
Soft leather : SUEDE
Sources of irritation : BUGBEARS
Start to sing? : ESS
Steady : BEAU
Stepped to the plate : BATTED
Subj. for a future vet : ANAT
Taverna sandwich : GYRO
These, to Luis : ESTOS
Thick carpet : SHAG
Ticked off : ANGRY
Tolkien race member : ELF
Troop entertainment gp. : USO
Try to quiet, as a persistent squeak : REOIL
Two-time Masters champ Watson : BUBBA
Type of daisy : OXEYE
Unfocused images : BLURS
Until now : AS YET
Wear a long face : MOPE
Will of “The Waltons” : GEER
Won every game : SWEPT
Work outfits for many : SUITS
Yuletide drinks : NOGS

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