LA Times Crossword July 23 2017 Answers

By | July 23, 2017

LA Times Crossword July 23 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, July 23, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 23 july 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/23/17 answers :
Fern seed : SPORE
Posh hotel amenity : ROBE
Cook, in a way : STEAM
Sneaky stratagem : TRAP
Secret rival : ARRID
“Bingo!” : IWIN
Tom Sawyer’s aunt : POLLY
Sneaky stratagem : RUSE
Phrase of individuality : DIFFERENTSTROKES
“__ the Woods” : INTO
Hawaii County seat : HILO
Holes a very short putt : TAPSIN
Math function : SINE
Sizable piece : CHUNK
Adored object : IDOL
Blog feed format letters : RSS
American flag component, e.g. : CONTRASTINGCOLORS
Sorority letters : ETAS
65-Across, in Japanese : HAI
Suffix meaning “country” : STAN
Notes from a loser, maybe : IOUS
Brownish grays : TAUPES
“My Way” lyricist : ANKA
GPS displays : MAPS
Captain Hansen of “Deadliest Catch” : SIG
Plot device in TV’s “Fringe” : ALTERNATEUNIVERSE
Tolkien tree creature : ENT
Promised : PLEDGED
Pound sound : YOWL
46-Across in English : YES
“Mi casa __ casa” : ESSU
Creating compelling characters, for a writer : ASSET
Timberlake’s old group : NSYNC
Small amt. of time : MSEC
Dental brand suffix : PIK
Title character inspired by Hearst : KANE
“Heavens to Betsy!” : OHGOLLY
__-12 Conference : PAC
Brainstorming process : DIVERGENTTHINKING
“Respect for Acting” author Hagen : UTA
One way to start : ANEW
Pasternak heroine : LARA
Brought up to speed : CUEDIN
Comic strip about a high schooler : ZITS
Gateway Arch designer Saarinen : EERO
Kipling title orphan : KIM
Artist Magritte : RENE
Nonsense : ROT
Lyrical works : ODES
Cooks with fat : LARDS
Is obligated to : OWES
Upscale : DELUXE
Father or son actor : ALDA
“The Chronicles of Barsetshire” author : TROLLOPE
Clapton on guitar : ERIC
They often follow “also” in dictionaries : VARIANTSPELLINGS
Courteous : NICE
Strongly longing : EAGER
Beech family trees : OAKS
Looks after : TENDS
Durbeyfield daughter : TESS
__ Island Red: chicken : RHODE
Duma denial : NYET
University town near Bangor : ORONO
Anti-DWI org. : SADD
__-dieu : PRIE
German composer Carl : ORFF
Starts of feuds : RIFTS
Pristine : EDENIC
German candy brand : RIESEN
Possesses : OWNS
Drill insert : BIT
Funny couple? : ENS
Some Olympic trials : SPRINTS
Set for repairs : TOOLKIT
Northeast Nevada city : ELKO
Red or brown brew : ALE
Connecticut coastal tourist town : MYSTIC
“Marines’ Hymn” city : TRIPOLI
Has no restraints : RUNSLOOSE
Piedmont wine area : ASTI
Lowly laborer : PEON
Western Nevada city : RENO
In said fashion : THUS
Flap : ADO
Long-necked bird : CRANE
Specifically designed poem : HAIKU
Seal after peeking, say : RETAPE
Barn units : STALLS
Cooks in a pan : SAUTES
“__ won’t work” : THAT
To wit : NAMELY
Growl : GNAR
Render useless : RUIN
U.S. Army E-6 : SSGT
Floored it, say : SPEDUP
Fraction of a joule : ERG
Enter stealthily : SNEAKIN
Word often used before “old” : ANY
Know-it-all? : PSYCHIC
Observe : SEE
Sunday paper pile : ADS
Former Saturn model : ION
Bugs that roll : VWS
Backyard chef’s equipment : SMOKER
Backyard chef’s stick : SKEWER
Sensory organ : EAR
Series with Capt. Picard, to fans : TNG
Kabuki kin : NOH
Curveball relative : SLIDER
Climate-disrupting current : ELNINO
Baby swan : CYGNET
Director Lupino : IDA
Slender swimmer : EEL
African bovine : GNU
“The Godfather” novelist : PUZO
Working on the task : ATIT
Mass group : CATHOLICS
Change course suddenly : VEER
Like a jaybird? : NAKED
Cuts a little : TRIMS
Get under control : TAME
Leads astray : SEDUCES
Assembled for a cause : RALLIED
How some stunts are done : ONADARE
Wonder Dog of comics : REX
Letter closing : ASEVER
Gramps’ mate : GRAN
Gripe from the weary : NOREST
“The __ llama, / He’s a beast”: Nash : TWOL
Have as a client : SELLTO
Less trustworthy : SLIER
Small body-shop job : DENT
__ Lackawanna Railway : ERIE
2012 Best Picture : ARGO
Rd. often named for a state : TPKE
__ account: never : ONNO
PC scrolling key : PGDN
Petrol station sign : ESSO
Hot tub reaction : AAH
20 hundredweight : TON
Articulate : SAY

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