LA Times Crossword July 2 2017 Answers

By | July 2, 2017

LA Times Crossword July 2 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, July 2, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 2 july 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/2/17 answers :
Back biter? : MOLAR
They’re rarely good dance partners : OAFS
Worry word : ALAS
Nut under a tree : ACORN
Sherlock’s adversary Adler : IRENE
Zero-star meal : SLOP
Hard finish? : WARE
Big fight : MELEE
Words on the street? : SLANG
Big Island port : HILO
Spanish pronoun : ESTA
Window treatment : BLIND
Cargo unit : TON
Lennon classic covered by Pentatonix : IMAGINE
Like some riots : HILARIOUS
Absurd : INSANE
Aborted operation : NOGO
Something to learn : LESSON
Willamette University home : SALEM
“Enigma Variations” composer : ELGAR
Scary biter : TSETSE
Coral Sea sight : ATOLL
More hard-up : NEEDIER
Square dance milieu : HOEDOWN
Turn : GOBAD
NBC weekend staple : SNL
Ancient German : TEUTON
Fuming : IRED
Polishes, as prose : EMENDS
Support source : TECH
Job listing ltrs. : EEO
Bacon and eggs, say : FOODS
Puts in order : NEATENS
Police protector : VEST
Woodworking supply : STAIN
Workable wood : ASH
Firmly affixed : NAILED
State with confidence : ASSERT
Span. title : SRA
Hastings hearth : INGLE
Deserve : EARN
Hostile force : ENEMY
Cartesian conclusion : IAM
Volvo competitor : SAAB
Freshen : AIROUT
Sitarist Shankar : RAVI
Like hiss or boom : ECHOIC
Snappy dresser : FOP
Scandinavian capital : KRONE
Fictional wolf’s disguise : GRANDMA
Employ to excess : OVERUSE
Fisherman with pots : EELER
Algonquian chief : SACHEM
Govt. issue : TNOTE
Arabian peninsula capital : SANAA
Infatuate : ENAMOR
Intestine sections : ILEA
Plumed birds : EGRETS
Dr. Brown’s classic : CREAMSODA
Ivy in Ithaca : CORNELL
Seek office : RUN
Baby bug : LARVA
Wedding reception eye-catcher : CAKE
Worked up : AGOG
Spender of rials : OMANI
French 101 infinitive : AIMER
“Power Hits” series record label : KTEL
Went off the deep end : DOVE
Picked a ticket, perhaps : VOTED
Board : PLANK
Lowly worker : SERF
Christmas symbol : STAR
Lyrical poetic form : EPODE
Peruvian volcano El __ : MISTI
Wrinkle-resistant fiber : ORLON
Cants : LEANS
“Barbara __”: Beach Boys hit : ANN
British actor who played Algy Longworth in 1930s Bulldog Drummond movies : REGINALDDENNY
DOL watchdog : OSHA
Garage job : ALIGNMENT
Book sheet : FOLIO
Freeloaded : SPONGED
Stupefied state : AWE
Western actor who taught Harrison Ford how to use a bullwhip : LASHLARUE
More pretentious : ARTIER
Waterproofs, perhaps : SEALS
Cynical Bierce who defined “sweater” as “Garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly” : AMBROSE
“Titanic” theme vocalist : CELINEDION
Broad assortment : OLIO
Bausch Lomb brand : RENU
Rorem and Beatty : NEDS
Qantas hub letters : MEL
Tertiary Period stones : EOLITHS
__ Martin: Bond’s car : ASTON
Like italics : ASLANT
Middle of dinner? : ENS
Turn right : GEE
Capa attacker : TORO
Scand. land : SWED
Circle’s lack : ENDS
Gemini rocket stage : AGENA
Some library volumes : TOMES
Caribbean sorcery : OBEAH
Sorbonne student : ELEVE
Nocturnal tree dweller : HOOTER
Trueheart of the comics : TESS
Problem with a line : SNAG
Turn over : CEDE
Was perfectly tailored : FITLIKEAGLOVE
Glass component : SILICA
Ancient home of Irish kings : TARA
Academic specialty : AREA
Sister of Rachel : LEAH
A lot more than a little mistake : SNAFU
It may have a swivel top : STOOL
Get together with old classmates, say : REUNE
China __: showy bloom : ASTER
Memorable line from Berlin’s “Cheek to Cheek” : IMINHEAVEN
Religious recluse : ASCETIC
Unpaid bill : ARREAR
Energy bits : ERGS
Ancient Japanese capital : NARA
Brush fire op : EVAC
Third James Bond novel : MOONRAKER
Samba relative : BOSSANOVA
Filmdom’s Thompson and Watson : EMMAS
1961 Literature Nobelist Andric : IVO
Plant studied by Mendel : PEA
Hamlet’s homeland : DENMARK
Puts in another roll of film : RELOADS
Up till now : TODATE
First word in Dante’s “Inferno” : NEL
Taunts : MOCKS
Grain bane : ERGOT
Sister of Calliope : ERATO
Not sharp or flat : TUNED
Rather nasty : SNIDE
Storm harbinger : CLAP
Marsh bird : RAIL
Name on the column “At Wit’s End” : ERMA
Hungarian city known for red wine : EGER
Seasonal worker? : ELF
Swiffer WetJet, e.g. : MOP

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