LA Times Crossword July 17 2016 Answers

By | July 18, 2016

LA Times Crossword July 17 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, July 17, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 17 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 7/17/16 answers :
“__-hoo!” : YOO
“Almost anything can be improved with the addition of __”: Jasper Fforde : BACON
“Breaking Bad” channel : AMC
“Breaking Bad” drug : METH
“Charlie’s Angels” actress on her sloop? : FARRAH SAILING
“Do I dare to __ peach?”: Eliot : EATA
“Family Matters” nerd : URKEL
“This came as no surprise” : I KNEW
19th-century French composer Edouard : LALO
60s-’70s bullpen star Sparky : LYLE
Actress Knightley : KEIRA
An arm and a leg : LIMBS
Arctic coast explorer : RAE
Assemble at a theater, say : QUEUEUP
Award ceremony side dish> : NOBEL FRIES
Baseball news : TRADES
Bear young : CUBS
Brest “but” : MAIS
Brilliant bit of deception? : LUMINOUS FEINT
Burned-out : JADED
Canal transport : BARGE
Capable, jokingly : EPT
Charge in an Everglades water taxi? : ALLIGATOR FARE
Cioppino, e.g. : STEW
Clemson U. is in it : ACC
Cocktail with an umbrella : MAI TAI
Commemorative 1999 Broadway revue : FOSSE
Concentrate : FOCUS
Cooperation : COMPLIANCY
Co-star of Boyer in “Algiers” : LAMARR
Crafty : SLY
Creamy white : IVORY
Crew members : OARS
Crossword component : GRID
Cutting : ACER B
Derisive sound : SSS
Disco activity : HUSTLE
Domain : REALM
Dressing ingredient : SALAD OIL
Ducklike bird : COOT
Enjoys the links : GOLFS
Enlisted mil. Rank : PFC
Eponymous tree, streetwise : ELM
Firmly attach : BIND
First act? : CREATION
First place? : EDEN
Five Norse kings : OLAFS
Florida’s __ City : DADE
Folly : LUNACY
Get to bubble over? : REBOIL
Goes by : ELAPSES
Good place for views : OPED PAGE
Gradually doze during a long meeting : FADE BY THE HOUR
Honda luxury brand : ACURA
Ice cream company founder : BREYER
Impose restraints on : SHACKLE
In Chinese, the “north” part of China’s “northern capital” : BEI
In the air : ALOFT
Influence : SWAY
Its NYSE symbol is “X” : US STEEL
Jacket material : TWEED
Joshua trees, e.g. : YUCCAS
Kelly of talk : RIPA
Landord Wilson’s “The __ Baltimore” : HOTL
League championship : PENNANT
Like a brioche : EGGY
Like Hobart College : ALL MALE
Like some promises, alas : EMPTY
Links star Mcllroy : RORY
Locale in a 1987 Cheech Marin title : EAST LA
Make susceptible : PREDISPOSE
Makeup mishap : SMUDGE
Many a Mideast native : ARAB
Mars’ pair : MOONS
Martin’s partner : LEWIS
Metallic noises : CLANGS
Milne’s absent-minded Mr. : PIM
Mislead : THROW OFF
Mississippi explorer : LASALLE
Muscle mag display : PECS
Natural coat : FUR
Neurol. readouts : EEGS
Nike competitor : FILA
No longer relevant : MOOT
Not bright at all : IDIOTIC
Okay : SO SO
Oldest Baldwin brother : ALEC
On the occasion of : FOR
Online payment : ECASH
Org. found in alleys : PBA
Others : REST
Panel judging phobic reactions? : JURY OF ONES FEARS
Part of Procter & Gamble : ANDSIGN
Passes out : FAINTS
Pershing’s WWII command : AEF
Predicament metaphor : BOAT
Protection in a box : FUSE
Question as to technique : HOW
Quite a lot : IMMENSELY
Radio option : AM FM
Reproductive cell : OVUM
Rio Grande city : EL PASO
Roadie’s burden : AMP
Roberto’s residence : CASA
Savings vehicle named for a sen. : ROTHIRA
Sch. near Providence : URI
Sci. with biomes : ECOL
Scotch and soda, e.g. : BAR ORDERS
Sequence-shortening letters : ETC
Service inaccuracy : LET
Skater Babilonia : TAI
Ski resort centerpiece : LODGE
Snow remnants : SLUSH
Sock ending : EROO
Source of many med. Terms : LAT
Split : APART
State of France : ETAT
Street __ : CRED
Sudden wind increase : SQUALL
Supergirl’s symbol : ESS
Superieurs des moines : ABBES
Switch-hitter with the most career homers : MANTLE
T size : LGE
Taciturn circus entertainers? : QUIET FLEAS
Terrestrial newt : EFT
They often have matching caps : GOWNS
They often precede entrances : CUES
Thick : MIDST
Toledo title: Abbr. : SRA
Triage priorities : TRAUMAS
Tupperware sound : BURP
Unhurt : INTACT
Unit of work: Abbr. : FTLB
Unit, for one: Abbr. : SYN
UPS unit : CTN
Variety of tricks? : BAG
Versatile Unilever brand : QTIPS
Yellow fever mosquito : AEDES

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