LA Times Crossword February 4 2018 Answers

By | February 4, 2018

LA Times Crossword February 4 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, February 4, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 4 february 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 2/4/18 answers :
‘Glee’ actress __ Michele : LEA
‘I copy’ : ROGER
‘Inside the NBA’ analyst : ONEAL
‘MASH’ director : ALTMAN
‘Rubáiyát’ poet : OMAR
‘__ la France!’ : VIVE
Afterword : EPILOGUE
Agreeing : ACCEDING
Amends, as corporate earnings : RESTATES
Aptly named barber? : LESOFFENBACH
Aptly named dietitian? : EATONWRIGHT
Aptly named easy chair salesman? : RICKKLEINER
Aptly named editor? : ADELINEMOORE
Aptly named gardener? : ALONSOGREENE
Aptly named policewoman? : LAURABIDEN
Aptly named sommelier? : MERLODALEY
Aptly named therapist? : OPHELIAPAINE
Australian island state : TASMANIA
Avoid trespassing on : STAYOFF
Big time : ERA
Boat shoe brand : SPERRY
Bowed, in Basra : SALAAMED
Bring home : EARN
Brinks : EDGES
Brought up : RAISED
Capital with a Viking Ship Museum : OSLO
Capricious notions : WHIMS
Cats native to much of the Americas : OCELOTS
Check (off) : TICK
Chocolate source : CACAO
Code __ : RED
Constitution VIPs : FRAMERS
Cook in a wok : FRY
Corn breads : PONES
Dashboard letters : MPH
Don Juan’s love : AMOR
Done with : FREEOF
Earhart’s art : AVIATION
Electric car brand : TESLA
Elicits an ‘Ouch!’ : HURTS
Fail miserably : TANK
Former NHL forward Tikkanen : ESA
Frat party wear : TOGA
Game of world conquest : RISK
Goad : EGGON
Goes back to the front, perhaps : REUPS
Gorbachev’s land: Abbr : USSR
Green state? : ENVY
Greenish blue : AQUA
Grim character? : REAPER
Had a bite : ATE
Himalayan pack animals : YAKS
Hip : MOD
Hunter’s meat : VENISON
In __ land : LALA
Including everything : ATOZ
Information on a spine : TITLE
Japanese port : OSAKA
Jobs creation : APPLE
Kardashian matriarch : KRIS
Kerfuffles : ADOS
Kindle download : EBOOK
King’s domain : REALM
Knee revealers, and then some : MINIS
Labor Day mo : SEPT
Largest continent : ASIA
Lead-in for carte or mode : ALA
Leak : DRIP
Like hands without mittens, maybe : NUMB
Like many a tree at Christmas : LIT
Lines of clothing : SEAMS
Loathing : ODIUM
Lose one’s temper : ERUPT
Makes the cut : SAWS
Mangabeys, e.g : MONKEYS
Many-sided evils : HYDRAS
Mexican coin : PESO
Mine access : ADIT
Misfortunes : ILLS
Monstrous Tolkien creations : ORCS
Moral consideration : SCRUPLE
Mountain chain : RANGE
Move from window to aisle, say : RESEAT
Mysterious : ARCANE
Old schoolmaster’s disciplinary tool : FERULE
One of the Gershwins : IRA
Ouzo flavoring : ANISE
Pot top : LID
Prepare, as eggs : SCRAMBLE
Prominent Dumbo feature : EARS
Pub pours : ALES
Pull a fast one on : HOODWINK
Puzzle part : PIECE
Regional UN headquarters since 1946 : GENEVA
Relative of a knock : CHIME
Rowboat propeller : OAR
Scotty on the Enterprise, e.g : ENGINEER
Self-described ‘King of All Media’ : STERN
Serious competition : RIVALRY
Set of furniture : SUITE
Shade-tolerant garden plant : HOSTA
Sharp : ACUTE
Short races : DASHES
Slather : SMEAR
Slowly, in music : LENTO
Small test : QUIZ
Snitch on : RATOUT
Spicy cuisine : CREOLE
Spirited mount : STEED
Startling word : BOO
Supremely powerful : ALMIGHTY
TA’s boss : PROF
Take __: enjoy the pool : ASWIM
They may be inflated : EGOS
Thorny plant : BRIAR
Thought of but not shared : UNSAID
Tick away : ELAPSE
Ties off in surgery : LIGATES
Tiny amount : GRAIN
To be, in Bavaria : SEIN
Tone deafness : TINEAR
Turns sharply : ZIGS
TV’s Buffy and Faith, e.g : SLAYERS
Unit on the set : TAKE
URL ending : ORG
USA Patriot Act, e.g : LAW
Wacky : ZANY
Warner or Ringling follower : BROS
Williams in Cooperstown : TED
Winter malady : FLU
With no exceptions : BARNONE
Woodcutter Ali : BABA
Word of regret : ALAS
Word on Santa’s checklist : NICE
Works with flour : SIFTS
World’s largest snake by weight : ANACONDA
__ Office : OVAL
__ Spring : ARAB
__-friendly : USER

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