LA Times Crossword February 27 2018 Answers

By | February 27, 2018

LA Times Crossword February 27 2018 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on tuesday, February 27, 2018 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword tuesday 27 february 2018 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 2/27/18 answers :
__ time: never : AT NO
__Kosh B’gosh : OSH
“__ girl!” : ATTA
“Little” Dickens girl : NELL
“Prince Valiant” queen : ALETA
“Say cheese!” : SMILE
“Sometimes you feel like __ … “: classic candy jingle : ANUT
“Sure __ standing here … “ : AS IM
“The Lion King” lion : SIMBA
“True __”: HBO vampire series : BLOOD
Accepted the loss, financially : ATE IT
Actress de Matteo : DREA
Actress Swenson : INGA
Alluring : SEXY
Baton Rouge sch. : LSU
Bell tower sound : CHIME
Big cheese : BOSS
Bring in : REAP
Campbell of “Scream” : NEVE
Careful : CHARY
Color printer refills : INKS
Congeal : CLOT
Constellation bear : URSA
Contact __ : LENSES
Coup __ : DETAT
Creates anew, as a password : RESETS
Disney deer : BAMBI
Earn after taxes : NET
Emeril exclamation : BAM
Expressive punk genre : EMO
Fathered, in the Bible : BEGOT
Filmmaker Coen : ETHAN
Finland’s second-largest city : ESPOO
Front part of a hand tool, say … and the last word of 17-, 23-, 38- and 50-Across? : BUSINESS END
Getup for Woody of “Toy Story” : COWBOY OUTFIT
Golf goof : MISHIT
Good name for a phys ed teacher? : JIM
Group of related typefaces : FONT FAMILY
Half of all blackjacks : ACES
Having five sharps, musically : INB
Hindu princess : RANI
Hoppy beer, for short : IPA
In a lazy way : IDLY
Invalidate : VOID
Like permed hair : WAVY
Like some consonants, as the nasal “n” : PALATAL
Like villains : EVIL
Listless feeling : ENNUI
Llama-like mammal : ALPACA
Messy room : STY
Mined metal : ORE
Naval rank: Abbr. : ENS
Old electrical unit : MHO
Old hair-removal brand : NEET
Old horse : NAG
Overbearing leader : TINGOD
Pack animals : ASSES
Pops out, as a DVD : EJECTS
Preferred way of doing things : BEST PRACTICE
Press into service : USE
Regularly go out (with) : KEEP COMPANY
Rip off : STEAL
Shrine in Moscow’s Red Square : LENINS TOMB
Spreadsheet info : DATA
Tarzan and others : APEMEN
Tehran native : IRANI
Traveling acting band : TROUPE
TV show about a high school choir : GLEE
Unlikely to throw dirty clothes on the floor : NEAT
URL suffix for charities : ORG
Watering hole : BAR
Watering holes : PUBS
What “2 2 = 4” is an example of : BINARY OPERATION
White lie : FIB
Windows alternative : UNIX
Word after systems or psycho : ANALYST

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Use the cheats above to solve the crossword puzzle word for LA Times Crossword February 27 2018. See you tomorrow for LA Times Crossword Answers February 28, 2017 Cheers 🙂