LA Times Crossword December 5 2017 Answers

By | December 5, 2017

LA Times Crossword December 5 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on tuesday, december 5, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword tuesday 5 december 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 12/5/17 answers :
“Mazel __!” : TOV
“Not to mention … “ : ALSO
*”My stars!” : IDECLARE
*Apple music player : IPODNANO
*Company that maintains network messages : EMAILHOST
*Springsteen’s ensemble : ESTREETBAND
*Willa Cather novel set in Nebraska : OPIONEERS
__ Tuesday: Mardi Gras : FAT
’60s United Nations secretary general : UTHANT
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : PIG
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : COW
Arms-around-knees swimming pool jump : CANNONBALL
Baseball analyst Hershiser : OREL
Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald : NATE
Bassoon kin : OBOE
Beauty at a ball : BELLE
Bird that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : DUCK
Bygone Toyotas : SUPRAS
Chowed down : ATE
Copied genetically : CLONED
Counterbalance : OFFSET
Crime family leader : DON
Cross inscription : INRI
Curved molding : OGEE
Drop of sadness : TEAR
DVR button : REC
Eclectic musician Brian : ENO
Employed : USED
Family tree word : NEE
Fat-reducing procedure, briefly : LIPO
Genesis craft : ARK
Gillette brand : ATRA
Grade sch. level : ELEM
Grenoble’s river : ISERE
Heavenly body : ORB
Informal “No more talk” : NUFFSAID
Instruments for Yo-Yo Ma : CELLI
Invasive plant : WEED
Inventor Whitney : ELI
Itinerary approx. : ETD
Ivan the Terrible, e.g. : TSAR
Jai __ : ALAI
Kid around : JOSH
Kilt pattern : TARTAN
Lets up : EASES
Liver spread : PATE
Long sandwich : SUB
Longhorn State sch. : TCU
Low grade : DEE
Most mournful : SADDEST
Necessary nutrients : MINERALS
Office fill-in : TEMP
Old cereal box no. : RDA
Painter Édouard : MANET
Place that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : FARM
Poetic tribute : ODE
Potter pal Weasley : RON
Prince, to a king : SON
Putting the squeeze on : PRESSURING
Quaint lodgings : INNS
Sign up, in Sussex : ENROL
Single-malt datum : AGE
Soft leather : SUEDE
Soil acidity measure : PHLEVEL
Spanish red wine : RIOJA
Superhero suffix : MAN
Take a chance : DARE
Terse summons from the boss : SEEME
The Volunteer St. : TENN
To the same extent : ASFAR
Traveled like Huck Finn : RAFTED
Twitch : TIC
Versatile vehicle, for short : UTE
Words ending a threat : ORELSE
Worker finishing an éclair : ICER
Written reminders : NOTES
Yours, in Tours : ATOI

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Use the cheats above to solve the crossword puzzle word for LA Times Crossword December 5 2017. See you tomorrow for LA Times Crossword Answers December 6, 2017 Cheers 🙂