LA Times Crossword December 25 2016 Answers

By | December 25, 2016

LA Times Crossword December 25 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, December 25, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 25 december 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 12/25/16 answers :
“Bearing gifts, we traverse __” : AFAR
“Elements of Algebra” author : EULER
“Nonsense!” : PSHAW
“Right now!” : STAT
“Whew!” : ITSHOT
A.L. West team, familiarly : THEAS
Allowed to ripen, as cheddar : AGED
Art expert’s discovery : FAKE
Attend to a holiday symbol : TRIMTHETREE
Author Yutang : LIN
Bagfuls for 24-Across : LETTERS
Bailiwick : AREA
Bailiwicks : REALMS
Bank deposit : SILT
Barbershop sound : SNIP
Capitol feature : DOME
Carry on : RANT
Cartoon shopkeeper : APU
Caterer’s vessel : URN
City on the Loire : NANTES
Classic 71-Across : OTANNENBAUM
Classroom exchanges : PSSTS
Climber’s target : CLIFF
Columnist Hentoff : NAT
Composer __ Carlo Menotti : GIAN
Concept : IDEA
Concert shirt : TEE
Cousin of the Vulcan mind meld : ESP
Cry of revelation : AHA
Dance and drama : ARTS
Descriptively named support : HBEAM
Do-it-yourself mover : UHAUL
Draft category : ONEA
Drop in the stadium : LOSE
E.T. from Melmac : ALF
Embellishes : ADORNS
English singer Halliwell : GERI
Equivocated : HEDGED
Etta of old comics : KETT
Expenses : OUTGO
Fort near Fayetteville : BRAGG
Found a new table for : RESAT
Frightened : SCARED
Frightens : ALARMS
From that time : SINCE
Futile : OTIOSE
German university city : ULM
Gets mixed up in : EMBROILS
Got together : MET
His personal Canadian postal code is H0 H0 H0 : SANTACLAUS
Holiday mailing : GREETINGCARD
Hot-and-cold fits : AGUE
Impact sound : THUD
Indiana county or its seat : WABASH
Indisputable : TRUE
Instant : FLASH
It may be seen to the left of venous : INTRA
It might accompany a “meh” : SHRUG
It’s bonded in bales : HAY
Ivy support : TRELLIS
Jam on the road : TIEUP
Julia’s “Ocean’s Twelve” role : TESS
Kiss and caress, in Kent : SNOG
L.A.’s __ Center : AON
Last ones to deal with : REST
Likely to loaf : LAZY
Longhorn rivals : AGGIES
Longtime rival of Tiger : PHIL
Lugosi and Karolyi : BELAS
Mac OS part: Abbr : SYS
Maneuverability : ROOM
Meat department buy : BEEF
Mistreatment : ABUSE
Monthly payment that’s often more than the prin : INT
Narc’s assignment : CASE
Narc’s employer : DEA
NFL coach Rex : RYAN
Old map abbr : SSR
One may end in “ese” : ARGOT
Outdoor event contingency : RAINDATE
Parish leader : RECTOR
PC backup key : ESC
Picnic drinks : ADES
Poet Levertov : DENISE
Popular virus remedy : NORTON
Prepared with mixed vegetables, in Chinese cooking : SUBGUM
Prettify with paper : WRAP
Prevent : BAR
Psyched : FIREDUP
Quashed : VETOED
Rabble-rouser : DEMAGOGUE
Really comes down : POURS
Relieved : RID
Resonant barbershop sound : BASSNOTE
Rev (up) : AMP
Salinger title choir singer : ESME
Seasonal hangings : ORNAMENTS
See 26-Across : CAROL
Sets on tracks : MODELTRAINS
Sharable PC file : PDF
Shine, in ads : GLO
Sierra Nevada vacation mecca : TAHOE
Single animal-shaped candy? : PEEP
Slanted page? : OPED
Sleek, in car talk : AERO
Slowly emerge from sleep : STIR
Small construction piece : LEGO
Some Wall St. traders : ARBS
Song from Carmen : ARIA
Spacewalks, briefly : EVAS
Speak : ORATE
Sri Lankan language : TAMIL
Star Wars initials : SDI
Sudden move : LURCH
Suisse peaks : ALPES
Sweet-scented flower : GARDENIA
Syrian leader : ASSAD
Tan relative : ECRU
Team for 24-Across : REINDEER
They often include ages : BIOS
Things to open : PRESENTS
Tiny bit : ATOM
Title annual holiday character since 1965 : CHARLIEBROWN
To this time : YET
Toledo thing : COSA
Trouble : WOE
TV monitor : FCC
Type of garden : ZEN
U.S. Army medal : DSC
UPS carton phrase : SHIPTO
UV index monitor : EPA
What you once were? : THEE
Where no one can sit in front of you : ROWA
Wide-eyed look : STARE
Winter pastime gear : ICESKATES
With 71-Across, holiday classic : ACHRISTMAS
Word before and after “is” : ENOUGH
WWII investment : EBOND
__ bonding : MALE
__ out a living : EKE
__ vincit amor : OMNIA
__-bitty : ITTY

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