LA Times Crossword December 18 2016 Answers

By | December 18, 2016

LA Times Crossword December 18 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, December 18, 2016 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 18 december 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 12/18/16 answers :
“__ want for Christmas ..” : ALL I
“All that is or ever was or ever will be”: Sagan : COSMOS
“Baseball is __ percent mental. The other half is physical”: Yogi Berra : NINETY
“Doesn’t do much for me” : MEH
“I see” : AH SO
“Mercury” coins : DIMES
“Oh gee” : DEAR ME
“The Da Vinci Code” priory : SION
“Very funny” : HAHA
“Wicked Game” singer Chris : ISAAK
*”Sweet Love” R&B singer : ANITA BAKER
*Annual postseason game played in Arizona : FIESTA BOWL
*Be blessed by Lady Luck : GET A BREAK
*Go all in : BET A BUNDLE
*Lots opposite : NOT A BIT
*Middle Eastern staple : PITA BREAD
*Traveled to Europe, say : WENT ABROAD
__ nerve : OPTIC
__ Sketch : ETCHA
122-Across user : SALON
2016 FedExCup winner Mcllroy : RORY
40s Giant manager : OTT
Alarm sounds : CLANGS
Alice’s workplace : DINER
Aphrodite’s love : ADONIS
Arnaz-Ball collaboration : DESILU
Author Wiesel : ELIE
Auto suspension component : STRUT
Big name in civil rights : CORETTA
Big name in gaming : HARRAH
Burden : ON US
Capriciously, with “on” : AWHIM
Carbon compound : ENOL
Carribbean destination : ARUBA
Chaotic situation : TUMULT
Charlemagne’s doman: Abbr. : HRE
Clothing store section : GIRLS
Color named for a flower : LILAC
Comdescends : DEIGNS
Comes clean about : ADMITS
Consumed : ATE
Court matter : RES
Decisive parts of some NFL games : OTS
Demagogue, e.g. : RANTER
Disguised, for short : INCOG
Distress letters : SOS
Does as humans do? : ERRS
Dresses down : CHASTISES
Edmonton skaters : OILERS
Eponymous electrical units : FARADS
Explorer Ponce __ : DELEON
Fall behind : LAG
First-class : PRIMO
Fishing nets : SEINES
Floor in la maison : ETAGE
Former TWA owner : ICAHN
Former U-Oh! Cookies, now called Golden : OREOS
Fried rice veggie : PEA
Fruit in a Poitier title : RAISIN
Future tweeter : EGG
Garden plot : BED
Gather bit by bit : GLEAN
Get fewer votes than : LOSE TO
Grammar subject : USAGE
Half-baked : INSANE
Half-moon tide : NEAP
Ham’s response : WILCO
Hangout for the Dark Knight, and for creatures in the answers to starred clues : BAT CAVE
Hint of color : TINGE
Hunk’s pride : BOD
Hurler’s stat : ERA
Indian dignitaries : RAJAHS
Knighted composer : ELGAR
Korean imports : KIAS
Lacrosse position : GOALIE
Lascivious look : LEER
Last check, maybe : SEVERANCE
Lemon-lime drink : SPRITE
Like “Et tu, Brute?” : CAESAREAN
Like architectural drawings : INSCALE
Like the flight of a boomerang : ARCED
Liquid measures : LITERS
Little pigs, e.g. : TRIO
Lock fixers : GELS
Louts : BOORS
Marketing of pieces? : ARMS SALE
Mars or Venus : ORB
More diaphanous : SHEERER
Mouthy munchkins : BRATS
Muckrakers’ subjects : SCANDALS
NYC dance company : ABT
Often harmful bacteria : ECOLI
One way to sit : STILL
Order : BOSS
Per person : EACH
Pipe material : COB
Places to raise dough : OVENS
Poitier title role : TIBBS
Potraitist Charles and his artist sons : PEALES
Raw fish dish : SUSHI
Red choice : CLARET
Residential ending : ITE
Result of a leadoff single : ONE ON
Rock formations that often meet in dark places, as illustrated here : STALACTITE TIM GALATS
Scornful look : SNEER
Shapiro of NPR : ARI
Sherpa, usually : NEPALI
Shoulder neighbor : RIGHT LANE
Sigourney’s “Gorillas in the Mist” role : DIAN
Skin coloring, briefly : TAT
Some audio books : CDS
Space fillers? : GASSES
Spanish airline : IBERIA
Spice holder : RACKS
Spleen : IRE
Stadiu cheer : RAH
Strauss waltz subject : DANUBE
Strong wind : GALE
Tabloid twosome : ITEM
Tease : RIB
Terrible turnout : NOONE
The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf. : URI
Thumbs-ups : OKS
Title awarded only once to a New Englander (Connecticut, 1933) : MISS AMERICA
Title in a Poitier title : SIR
To be safe : INCASE
Track official : TIMER
Trials for aspiring D.A.’s : LSATS
Turtle of comics and film : NINJA
TV classic “__ Three Lives” : I LED
Type of air passage : NASAL
U.S. global monitor : NSA
Vampire’s daybed : CASKET
Vibrant : ALIVE
Where Tibet is : ASIA
Yoko from Tokyo : ONO
Young __: political reformer : TURK

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