LA Times Crossword April 9 2017 Answers

By | April 9, 2017

LA Times Crossword April 9 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, March 9, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 9 april 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 4/9/17 answers :
“… like __ not” : ITOR
“A Doll’s House” heroine : NORA
“Grease” singer : VALLI
“I thought it was a secret” : YOUKNEW
“I’ve had such a curious dream!” speaker : ALICE
“Jush one more, bartender,” e.g.? : LITDECISION
“Just curious” : NOREASON
“Pagliacci” clown : TONIO
“Pet” problem : PEEVE
“This Gun for Hire” actor : LADD
1995 Reform Party founder : PEROT
2014 U.S. Senior Open winner Montgomerie : COLIN
70-Down’s opposite : DALE
Actor Morales : ESAI
Affected by tears, as makeup : SMEARED
Allow access to : LETAT
As a result : HENCE
Base with a coach : THIRD
Baton Rouge sch : LSU
Biblical brother : CAIN
Big bucks, briefly : MIL
Boxer in the wrong profession? : RINGCHICKEN
Broad-leafed maritime plant : SEAKALE
Congenial : NICE
Considerable care : PAINS
Court conferences : SIDEBARS
Crescent component : ARC
Criticize severely : BASH
Darwin wore one : BEARD
Deliberate omission, some say : LIE
Domed dwelling : IGLOO
Environmental destruction : ECOCIDE
Ernst genre : DADAART
Female lobster : HEN
Filibuster site : SENATE
Finished behind : LOSTTO
Flat-bodied fish depiction? : RAYPAINTING
Flock mom : EWE
Golf goof : SLICE
Gonzalez in 2000 news : ELIAN
Grazing area : LEA
H.S. dropout’s exam : GED
Have an inkling : SENSE
Help in the gym : SPOT
Herb-carrying semi? : RIGOFPARSLEY
Hitch : STINT
How-to units : STEPS
Ill-fated Ford : EDSEL
Infomercial pitch : SPIEL
Is sympathetic (toward) : LEANS
Island off Tuscany : ELBA
It holds water : DAM
It may cause quakes : FEAR
It’s trapped in house traps : LINT
It’s usually graded : TEST
Key for Ravel? : ILE
Lacked roots : ROVED
Lats relatives : PECS
Lats relatives : DELTS
Life’s work : CAREER
Light beer? : PALEALE
Like navigable Arctic waters : ICEFREE
Like paste, jewelry-wise : NOTREAL
Mag man with a mansion : HEF
Mag sales staff member : ADREP
Major attachment : ETTE
Maker of nonstick cookware : TFAL
Many an emailer : AOLER
Many bars no longer have them : ASHTRAYS
Market closing? : EER
Menu words : ALA
Minnesota’s St. __ College : OLAF
Monogram on L’Homme products : YSL
Most shabby : TATTIEST
Mumbai money : RUPEE
Musical with the song “A New Argentina” : EVITA
Muzzleloading aid : RAMROD
Natural elevation : HILL
NBC show anchored by Lester Holt : DATELINE
New Mexico state flower : YUCCA
News of a crude carrier sighting? : OILERALERT
Northern terminus of I-79 : ERIE
Not in anymore : PASSE
Novi Sad natives : SERBS
Obedient response to un capitán : SISI
Old Testament sanctuary : ARK
One with a questionable sense of fashion? : IFFYDRESSER
Ones not itemized : REST
Opulent home : ESTATE
Part of a violin : NECK
Pay ending? : PAL
Pen name : BIC
Pester for payment : DUN
Places to browse : MALLS
Pleasant surprise : TREAT
Plumber, at times? : ELLCHECKER
Private home : BASE
Proofer’s finds : TYPOS
Provide money for : FUND
Put up with : ABIDE
Quattro competitor : ATRA
Really big stretch : EON
Red wine choice : CLARET
Relieved (of) : RID
Remove : ERASE
Ristorante suffix : INI
Roll on a farm, maybe : BALE
Rorschach image : BLOT
Rubbernecked : GAPED
Scuttlebutt : DIRT
Skedaddle : FLEE
Sleuths, for short : TECS
Snowblower brand : TORO
Some OT winners : TDS
Spelunker : CAVER
Sported : HADON
Spot with a bird’s-eye view : TREETOP
Stallion’s mate : MARE
Steel girder : IBEAM
Subsided : WANED
Sunlit courts : ATRIA
Sushi bar order : SASHIMI
Tastes : TRIES
The Christina in Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” : OLSON
They’re not fast reads : EPICS
Throwing out a chain letter, and others : BADOMENS
Took the wrong way? : ROBBED
Totally unlike wetlands : ARID
Turn into eventually : BECOME
Two-time Billboard Top Artist awardee : ADELE
Under attack : BESET
Unlikely to get sick? : ILLRESISTANT
Very little : SCANT
Virtual transaction : ESALE
What an iron often causes : DIVOT
What makes lists briefer, briefly : ETAL
Willamette River capital : SALEM
Wine flavorer : OAK
Winter air : CAROL
Wouldn’t commit : HEDGED
Wrong : OFF
__ Gay : ENOLA

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