LA Times Crossword April 2 2017 Answers

By | April 3, 2017

LA Times Crossword April 2 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on sunday, March 2, 2017 by typing the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve LA Times Crossword sunday 2 april 2017 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

LA Times Crossword 4/2/17 answers :
“‘Scuse Me While __ This Guy: and Other Misheard Lyrics”: Gavin Edwards book : IKISS
“A penny saved is hardly worth the effort”? : IRREGULARPROVERB
“Encore!” : AGAIN
“Guys and Dolls” composer : LOESSER
“Hamilton” accolade : OBIE
“I’ll give you five bucks for your Egyptian water lily”? : LOTUSPROPOSITION
“Ici on __ français” : PARLE
“If I Were __ Man” : ARICH
“In a __” : SEC
“Let’s Get It On” singer : GAYE
“Lordy me!” : IDODECLARE
“My turn” : IMUP
“Probably … “ : ODDSARE
“Rocky IV” boxer Ivan __ : DRAGO
“Round __ virgin … “ : YON
“So long” : SEEYA
“The Bathers” artist : RENOIR
66, e.g.: Abbr : RTE
89-Across’ Illinois headquarters : MOLINE
Acquiesce : ASSENT
Actress Hatcher : TERI
Actress __ Sue Martin : PAMELA
Also : TOO
Archipelago part: Abbr : ISL
Arrow poison : CURARE
At a Dodger game, for short : INLA
Ballerina Shearer : MOIRA
Bandleader Lawrence : WELK
Bit of RAM : MEG
Booster’s cry : RAH
British philosopher A.J : AYER
Brother of Jack and Bobby : TED
Burkini wearer, perhaps : ARAB
Cabinet dept : AGR
Carrier known for tight security : ELAL
Chou En-__ : LAI
Chow : EATS
Classic TV nerd : URKEL
Competition at the geometry fair? : PROTRACTORPULL
Composer Charles : IVES
Deck wood : TEAK
Denudes : BARES
Do fair work : GETAC
Drivers’ org : AAA
Eggy quaff : NOG
Famille member : PERE
Farm equipment giant : DEERE
Farm girl : MARE
Feature of Charlie Brown’s head? : CIRCULARPROFILE
Fella : SPORT
Fracas : MELEE
Fruit-ripening gas : ETHENE
Germ’s future? : IDEA
German finale : ENDE
Get out : GOFREE
Give up to the cops : RATON
Gorilla, for example : GREATAPE
Got a hole-in-one on : ACED
Hall of Fame second baseman Roberto : ALOMAR
Handle : GRIP
Hems in : TRAPS
Hill hundred : SENATORS
Holder of disks : SPINE
Hole-in-one, for one : RARITY
Homecoming query : MISSME
Intestinal divisions : ILEA
Lab dispenser : PIPETTE
Lats relatives : PECS
Like some out-of-favor suffixes : FEMININE
Lyricist Gershwin : IRA
Many 99-cent purchases : APPS
Marshal at Waterloo : NEY
Midday refresher : NAP
Migratory bird banding equipment : NETS
Mining passage : BOREHOLE
Miscreant handling letters? : MAILINREPROBATE
Modular homes : PREFABS
Moo __ pork : SHU
More steady : SURER
Mule’s father : ASS
Muscat native : OMANI
NBA nos : PTS
New England touchdown site : LOGAN
Obliterate : EFFACE
One overstepping bounds : ABUSER
Osculates : SMOOCHES
Otherwise : ORELSE
Outfit again : RERIG
Parting words? : OBIT
Plaza Hotel imp : ELOISE
Positively charged vehicle? : ONEPROTONTRUCK
Pre-A.D : BCE
Prefix with meter : ODO
Prim and proper : STAID
Primary part : LEAD
Quality control job at a maraschino factory? : PROBINGCHERRIES
Ranked tournament players : SEEDS
Really big : VAST
Retired sportscaster Musburger : BRENT
Revolve on an axis : SLUE
River of Germany : EDER
River past Logroño : EBRO
Rock sci : GEOL
Sagan series : COSMOS
Saltimbocca herb : SAGE
Second-rarest blood type, briefly : BNEG
Seriously overstepped bounds : SIN
Seven Wonders lighthouse : PHAROS
Short lunch order? : BLT
Sides sharing views : CAMPS
Snake state : IDAHO
Spanish 101 word : ERES
Spanish pronoun : ESA
Spirits strength : PROOF
Sport-__ : UTE
Stretch : STINT
Suitable : APT
Sun or moon : ORB
They often have runners : SLEDS
Time periods? : COLONS
Touched : FELT
Transparent : OPEN
Unstable : TIPPY
Vexing : IRKING
Wall St. hedger : ARB
Watched at the beach, maybe : OGLED
Website search response with an attitude? : PAGENOTPROFOUND
What may be stiff when trouble arises? : UPPERLIP
What Zener cards purportedly tested for : ESP
With skill : DEFTLY
Worked at home : UMPED
Worker on the floor : TILER
Writes ths clue, say : ERRS
You won’t find subs on them : ATEAMS
You, at one time : THEE
__ doll : VOODOO

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