Daily Celebrity Crossword October 24 2016 Answers

By | October 24, 2016

Daily Celebrity Crossword October 24 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on dcc monday, October 24, 2016 A brand new themed puzzle every day! Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, Smartypants Saturday, Sunday Funday. enter the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
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Daily Celebrity Crossword 10/24/16 answers :
“Two all-___ patties …” (start of an old jingle for the Big Mac) = Beef
“Access Hollywood” correspondent Hernandez = Liz
“Dracula” author Stoker = Bram
Type of beans Hannibal Lecter ate with “a nice Chianti” = Fava
“Where the Wild Things ___” = Are
Daytime talk show host Kelly = Ripa
Horror film antagonist who terrorizes teens in their dreams on Elm Street: 2 wds. = Freddy Krueger
Self-indulgent shopping binge = Spree
Seven-time baseball All-Star Sammy = Sosa
Place to take a driving test: Abbr. = DMV
More strange = Odder
Evidence obtained by swabbing: Abbr. = DNA
Grease-coated = Oily
Ebb or flow of ocean waves = Tide
Horror film antagonist who terrorizes camp counslors on Crystal Lake: 2 wds. = Jason Voorhees
Heroic saga = Epic
Wheel-supporting shaft = Axle
Explosive compound: abbr. = TNT
What the Grim Reaper symbolizes = Death
In ____ fell swoop = One
Promise recited by a new president = Oath
Official proclamation = Edict
Horror film antagonist who terrorizes student filmmakers in Maryland’s Black Hills woods: 3 wds. = The Blair Witch
Loathsome = Vile
Climbing vine = Ivy
“___ Blood” (former HBO vampire series) = TRUE
Use a mixing spoon = Stir
Director Ang or Spike = Lee
Overblown propaganda = Hype
Lifelong pals, in textspeak = BFFs
“Wyatt ____” (Kevin Costner movie) = Earp
“Don’t ___ change” = Ever
Lost color over time = Faded
Get the ___ of the land = Lay
Annoys = Irks
Absolute ___ (as cold as it can get) = Zero
Distance from side to side = Breadth
18-wheeler = Rig
Hairy primate = Ape
Month before April: Abbr. = Mar
Fiend = Demon
Group that entertains soldiers: Abbr. = USO
Coldplay’s “___ la Vida” = Viva
Paleo or Atkins, for example = Diet
Adam and Eve’s first home = Eden
The “R” in “R.I.P.” = Rest
Played the music at a nightclub = Djed
Back of the neck = Nape
Japan’s continent = Asia
Brined salmon served on bagels = Lox
Modern-day “Let’s do it!” = YOLO
Month for trick-or-treating = October
Sign up for another year’s subscription = Renew
Creepy computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” = Hal
Gloria’s mom on “All in the Family” = Edith
Forked body part on a devil costume = Tail
Small home that contains honeycomb = Hive
Modest reply to “Great job!”: 2 wds. = I Try
Bigger-than-B bra purchase: Hyph. = C Cup
“How do I love ____? Let me count the ways …” = Thee
Entertainment devices in living rooms = TVs
Popular song = Hit
____ Lilly (drug company that introduced Cialis) = Eli
“Sing a song of sixpence, a pcoket full of ___…” = Rye

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