Daily Celebrity Crossword November 27 2016 Answers

By | November 27, 2016

Daily Celebrity Crossword November 27 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on dcc sunday, November 27, 2016 A brand new themed puzzle every day! Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, Smartypants Saturday, Sunday Funday. enter the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve Daily Celebrity Crossword sunday 27 November 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

Daily Celebrity Crossword 11/27/16 answers :
Hit a _____ (run into an unexpected problem) = Snag
Ancient Egyptian queen, for short = Cleo
Ram’s cry = Baa
Roof’s projection edge = Eave
“____! The Herald Angels Sing” (Christmas carol) = Hark
Core muscles, for short = Abs
“Walk on By” singer who married the same man twice: 2 wds. = Dionne Warwick
Musical about the Perons = Evita
Ship’s wind catcher = Sail
Fourth of July color = Red
“Shark ____ ” (2004 animated movie) = Tale
Places to see lions and tigers and bears = Zoos
____ Pet (novelty gift with green “fur”) = Chia
Finnish steam bath = Sauna
“Who’s Afraid of Virgnia Woolf?” actor who married the same woman twice: 2 wds. = Richard Burton
Constellation with a “belt” = Orion
Loan out = Lend
Handhelf Mexican food = Taco
Campground shelter = Tent
“Person of Interest” actor Caviezel = Jim
Southeast ____ (region that includes Thailand) = Asia
British singer with the albums “19,” “21,” and “25” = Adele
TV judge who married the same man twice: 2 wds. = Judy Sheindlin
DuVernay who directed the 2016 documentary “13th” = Ava
____ and pans = Pots
“Sad to say …” = Alas
Ferrari fuel = Gas
Opposite of “nah” = Yeah
Green Jedi master = Yoda
Passover dinner = Seder
Unsophisticated = Naïve
Keep away from = Avoid
Gallant guy = Gent
Michael ___ of “Saturday Night Live” = Che
____-abiding citizen = Law
Wipe out, like pencil marks = Erase
Gumbo vegetable that’s often slimy = Okra
Great Recession bank rescue = Bail Out
Start of “The Alphabet Song” = ABC
“Can I ____ you a question?” = Ask
Actor Fillion = Nathan
Harry Potter is one = Wizard
Put on TV = Air
Deep spoon for serving soup = Ladle
Yoko ___ (Sean Lennon’s mom) = Ono
___ Fernando Valley = San
Selective = Choosy
Beachgoer’s bronzed look = Sun Tan
Decompose, like moldy vegetables = Rot
Nest-egg savings options: Abbr = IRA
Loud summertime insects = Cicadas
Roethlisberger of the Steelers = Ben
Nevada / California resort lake = Tahoe
Molded, wiggly dessert: Hyph. = Jello
Homer’s epic about the Trojan War = Iliad
High-IQ group = Mensa
Kids’ observation game: 2 wds. = Ispy
When the Allied forces hit Normandy: Hyph. = Dday
Sporty British car, for short = Jag
Charlottesville school founded by Thomas Jefferson: Abbr. = Uva
Pilot’s landing announcement: Abbr. = ETA
Ending for “book” or “boy” = Ish

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