Daily Celebrity Crossword July 15 2016 Answers

By | July 15, 2016

Daily Celebrity Crossword July 15 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on friday, July 15, 2016 A brand new themed puzzle every day! Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, Smartypants Saturday, Sunday Funday. enter the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
if you’re stuck and having difficulties to solve Daily Celebrity Crossword friday 15 july 2016 daily puzzle from the clues then you can find the solution below

Daily Celebrity Crossword 7/15/16 answers :
Treasure ___ (item that might say “X marks the spot”) = Map
At the peak of = Atop
___ Vegas (city where Elton John’s had a “residency show” since 2011 = Las
Card that might beat a king = Ace
___ Angelil (Celine Dion’s late husband) = Rene
“How can ___ sure?”: 2 wds. = I Be
31-Across’s NHL team = Capitals
“The ___, the proud, the Marines” = Few
Give way to oncoming traffic = Yield
Drake’s Cakes snacks that are similar to Hostess Ho Hos = Yodels
___ Zeppelin (1970s rock band) = Led
“___ vous plait” (“please,” in French) = Sil
It’s similar to jelly = Jam
“Against” side of a debate = Con
iPhone’s personal assistant = Siri
Three-time Hart Memorial Trophy winner: 2 wds. = Alex Ovechkin
Package of paper = Ream
Have an ___ for music = Ear
Long, long, long time = Eon
“Who ___ the Dogs Out” (2000 Baha Men hit) = Let
Spigot = Tap
Plant that makes kitties go berserk = Catnip
What F might mean on a test = FALSE
“Who ___ to complain?”: 2 wds. = Am I
Position played by 31-Across: 2 wds. = Left Wing
Sound made by a sledgehammer = Bam
Item in the Timberland logo = Tree
Droop in the middle = Sag
Eight minus seven = One
Drove too fast = Sped
“Give it ___” (“Try it”): 2 wds. = A Go
“Fargo” star William H. ___ = Macy
Antioxidant-rich berry = Acai
Looney Tunes skunk ___ Le Pew = Pepe
Style of the Empire State Building: 2 wds. = Art Deco
Midafternoon drink in England = Tea
“If ___ I’d listened!” = Only
Cancun coins = Pesos
Resembling a real person (the way a well-made mannequin does) = Life Like
___ Tesfaye (real name of singer The Weeknd) = Abel
Put stitches in = Sews
“Well, ___ be a monkey’s uncle!” = Ill
Deep-___ pizza = Dish
White bird = Dove
Glass container in a refrigerator = Jar
Brew made by Ballantine = Ale
When to have lunch or dinner = Meal Time
Free of clutter = Neat
City hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, for short = Rio
Quality ___ (hotel chain) = Inn
“___: Apocalypse” (2016 movie): Hyph. = X-Men
Made by hand = Crafted
Leans to one side = Tilts
Rabbit’s foot = Paw
___ San Lucas (Mexican resort city) = Cabo
“Think Like ___” (2012 movie comedy): 2 wds. = A Man
Criminal, in cop slang = Perp
Actress Rinna who’s on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” = Lisa
Unforeseen problem = Snag
Brand of frozen waffles = Eggo
Service charge = Fee

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