Daily Celebrity Crossword January 2 2017 Answers

By | January 2, 2017

Daily Celebrity Crossword January 2 2017 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on dcc monday, January 2, 2017 A brand new themed puzzle every day! Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, Smartypants Saturday, Sunday Funday. enter the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
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Daily Celebrity Crossword 1/2/17 answers :
Angry crowd = Mob
___ the pot (cause drama) = Stir
“Saturday Night Live” cast member Michael = Che
Pocatello’s state: Abbr. = Ida
Falafel pocket bread = Pita
Three, to a card player = Trey
“Put a ___ on it!” = Lid
Online craft marketplace = Etsy
Scarce = Rare
Actress Zoey who plays a woman whose dad disapproves of her boyfriend in “Why Him?” = Deutch
“On the other ____ …” = Hand
“Suicide Squad” actor Barinholtz = Ike
Google ____ (app that gives directions) = Maps
“Mad Men” star Jon = Hamm
Period in an email address = Dot
Luggage label = Tag
Kwik-E-Mart owner on “The Simpsons” = Apu
The number 500 has two of them = Zeros
Hot dog ___ stick: 2 wds. = On A
Type of toothpaste = Gel
Bullring chant = Ole
Break sharply = Snap
The Legend of Zelda hero = Link
“The Godfather” actor Vigoda = Abe
Actor / singer Black who is half of Tenacious D = Jack
Actor James who plays the boyfriend on “Why Him?” = Franco
“A ___ of Two Cities” (Charles Dickens novel) = Tale
Give five stars to on Yelp, for example = Rate
“A Nightmare on ___ Street” = Elm
Leather-piercing tools = Awls
Scandinavian furniture store = Ikea
Stick used to play pool = Cue
“Gangnam Style” singer = Psy
The ___ of Avon (nickname for Shakespeare) = Bard
“Dr. ____” (ABC sitcom) = Ken
Not very spicy = Mild
Dull-witted cartoon dog = Odie
“On & On” singer Erykah = Badu
Tiny bit of paint or dust = Speck
Tax paid to the church, usually one tenth of one’s income = Tithe
“___ not the end of the world” = Its
Sitcom star Romano = Ray
Actor Bryan who plays the disapproving father in “Why Him?” = Cranston
Group of reindeer or buffalo = Herd
Organ of sight = Eye
Pitfall = Trap
Ex-quarterback Tebow who is currently in the Mets minor leagues = Tim
They might be worn to cover up bald spots = Hats
Cow’s call = Moo
See 35-Down = Hag
Gorilla, for one = Ape
Actress Megan who plays the overwhelmed mother in “Why Him?” = Mullally
Rap mogul Dr. ____ = Dre
Actress Gasteyer of the Netflix series “Lady Dynamite” = Ana
Clothing company that owns Old Navy = Gap
Junk prize on “Let’s Make a Deal” = Zonk
Animal also known as a wapiti = Elk
With 22-Down, witchy nemesis of Popeye = Sea
Frozen Italian desserts = Ices
“… happily ever ___” = After
Sandwich’s outer layers = Bread
1975 movie about a killer shark = Jaws
Long, thin part of a guitar = Neck
Board game about finding Mr. Boddy’s killer = Clue
Foreboding sign = Omen
Noisy type of dancing = Tap
Chest bone = Rib
Letters between a name and a criminal alias = Aka

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