Daily Celebrity Crossword December 27 2016 Answers

By | December 27, 2016

Daily Celebrity Crossword December 27 2016 Answers and Cheats to solve the crossword game on dcc tuesday, December 27, 2016 A brand new themed puzzle every day! Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, Smartypants Saturday, Sunday Funday. enter the correct letters into correct words from question clue of across and down.
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Daily Celebrity Crossword 12/27/16 answers :
Secret ___ (spy) = Agent
TV spot about drug abuse, say: Abbr. = PSA
Sticky stuff in a pine tree = Sap
“Reading Rainbow” host ___ Burton = Levar
Wash-and-___ (like clothes that don’t need dry cleaning) = Wear
Hindu character on “The Simpsons” = Apu
“Glee” star who plays Hester on “Scream Queens”: 2 wds. = Lea Michele
Person who heals sick pets, for short = Vet
Products downloaded onto a Kindle or Nook = E-Books
Message containing emojis, often = Text
Something hanging in a filing cabinet = Folder
Output from a volcano or a cigar = Ash
“Trust me, ___ doctor”: 2 wds. = Im A
Money retrieval device: Abbr. = ATM
The Village ___ (New York newspaper) = Voice
“Freaky Friday” star who plays Cathy on “Scream Queens”: 3 wds. = Jamie Lee Curtis
Lamebrained = Inane
Very, very big, on a clothing label = XXL
Live in the ___ of luxury = Lap
One of the two states bordering Florida: Abbr. = Ala
Toyota full-size sedan = Avalon
Senator McCain = John
Watch someone else’s puppy: Hyph. = Dog Sit
WALL-E’s love interest = Eve
“True Jackson, VP” star who plays Zayday on “Scream Queens”: 2 wds. = Keke Palmer
“Manchester by the ___” (Casey Affleck movie) = Sea
Whitish October birthstone = Opal
Boxer Ali whose father was also a boxer = Laila
Explosive stuff: Abbr. = TNT
Muddy area on a farm = Sty
Gator’s home = Swamp
Opposite of none = All
“___ whillikers!” = Gee
“Devious Maids” executive producer Longoria = Eva
“A Boy ___ Sue” (Johnny Cash song) = Named
Group of contestants on “Survivor” = Tribe
Take a sneak ___ = Peek
Chip dip at a Mexican restaurant = Salsa
“___ you kidding me?!” = Are
Put money in the bank = Save
Highest point on a mountain = Apex
Short golf stroke = Putt
You-know-___ (unnamed person) = Who
What an ocean reef is often made of = Coral
Long-haired god in “The Avengers” = Thor
Bottled water brand, or the island country it comes from = Fiji
Country that borders Saudi Arabia and Yemen = Oman
The Dalai = Lama
Mariska Hargitay’s TV show, for short = SVU
With 28-Down, rhyming cuisine from the southwestern US = Tex
See 27-Down = Mex
“___ only hurt a little” = Itll
“So long!” in Italy = Ciao
Cable channel for sports fans = ESPN
“You’re putting me ___ awkward position”: 2 wds. = In An
Fish hat could give you an electric shock = Eel
Join together, as hands = Clasp
Very skilled = Adept
Containers for potions = Vials
“Harvey Birdman, Attorney ___”: 2 wds. = At Law
“Surely you ___!” = Jest
You might roast dinner in it = Oven
____-seeking missile = Heat
Merely acceptable = Okay
Gooey hair product = Gel
Decisive endings to boxing matches: Abbr. = Kos
First name of the princess in “The Princess Diaries” = Mia
Street name in a horror film franchise = Elm
Beat the ___ (avoid punishment) = Rap

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