7 Mystic Words White Pack Level 12 Answers

By | August 22, 2016

7 Mystic Words White Pack Level 12 Answers and Solutions to solve the game of 7 mystic words by deciphering clues and combining letters groups into correct words of from question clue of 7 mystic words Constant, Rank below an ambassador, To bring back, To become liquid, Adversary, To fasten, To request politely.
7 Mystic Words – Who can figure out 7 words by deciphering clues? By DADA LI

7 mystic words white level 12 answers :
Constant – Uniform
Rank below an ambassador – Minister
To bring back – Restore
To become liquid – Melt
Adversary – Opponent
To fasten – Attach
To request politely – Invite

7 Clues vs 7 Solutions Answer them in any order ! click letter group once to enter the selected letters and click letter group twice to undo the selected letters. Turn to tools when stuck ! And to unlock the next pack, you must have unlocked all previous packs and you must have solved all the puzzles of the previous pack !

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